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16 Sep '18

Fever. The real facts about it.

Posted by Sandra Sosa

1. Fever is a defense mechanisms, not a sickness

Even when always associated to some kind of sickness, fever is just a symptom but not a disease, moreover, fever is the consequence of a lot of substances released to the bloodstream by the immune system cells to fight infections (or any other insult); then having fever is not bad at all because the body is taking actions to defend itself from a disease; the problem is that during that fight the baby will feel very bad, so lowering fever is necessary to make the patient feeling moreDealing with fever comfortable.

2. Not all temperature raises are fever

Body temperature might raise a little bid above the normal in many circumstances, from just a minor flu up to exercise, but it's not possible to talk about fever unless body temperature climbs over 38.5 ºC (101.5 ºF).

Below this limit, temperature raises are called "hyperthermia" and usually are a minor concern, but when temperature exceeds that frontier it begins to be called fever and usually medical advice is required.

3. Never estimate fever using your hands

It's usual for parents and grandparent "to estimate" children's fever by touching their faces or hans, and even when this could give a gross idea about body temperature, certainly is the less accurate method because it doesn't allow to determine if core temperature raised over the 38.5 ºC (101.5 ºF) to be called fever.

15 Sep '18

My baby has an umbilical hernia, and now what?

Posted by Sandra Sosa

After birth umbilical vessels have no function; in fact they are cut by medicalBaby's umbilical hernia personnel during the birth process and the stump still attached to the baby's body suffer from atrophy and it's lost between 7 and 10 days after birth, leaving behind a scar known as umbilicus.

Everyone has an umbilicus which is normally a depression on the middle of the belly with no communication with the inner abdomen; however in some cases the hole on the abdominal wall remains open leading to an umbilical hernia development.

Children with umbilical hernia have the same scar that any other children have, but the deep layers (called fascia) didn't close leading to a communication between the abdominal cavity and subcutaneous tissue.


05 Sep '18

Cotton or Synthetic Clothes for your baby?

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Usually pediatricians recommend the use of natural fibers clothes, i.e. cotton, that's because several benefits associated with this type of clothing:Cotton is the best choice for your baby's clothing

1. Less alergic reactions

Some babies, especially those suffering from atopic dermatitis may develop allergic reactions when the skin contacts synthetic fibers leading to redness, itching and inconvenience, some times so intense that requires medical intervention.

On the other hand cotton clothes are not associated with allergies, furthermore cotton is the recommended fiber for people suffering from atopic dermatitis and other kinds of skin allergic reactions.

2. More breathable

Cotton is more breathable than synthetic fibers preventing wet accumulation, especially on the back, inner leg and all those areas prone to accumulate humidity. 

01 Sep '18

Music, from the very beginning

Posted by Sandra Sosa

With the above in mind, it's a good idea to share time your baby, even beforeMusic is good for children from a very youn age he/she bornes, listening music. This way you will have a great time with your little one and once he/she bornes, you will have the chance to know each other through the music.

Perhaps in so cases you will be so tired that it will be impossible to get connected with your little baby but a single song will be enough to help you to overcome tiredness and ease your baby making easier the connection among you.

On the other hand it has been confirmed that children exposed to music from a very short age, have better intellectual, artistic and social outcomes; so music is a way not only to connect with your baby but also to give him/her valuable tools which will be useful forever.

01 Sep '18

How to take care of mosquitoes bites

Posted by Sandra Sosa

On the other hand the natural reaction on this situation is to scratch the bitten area to find relief, and even when this could provide a temporary ease, the mechanical effect of scratching will worsen the inflammatory reaction, leading to more itching, pain and redness, furthermore, due to tiny wounds on skin surface, scratching a mosquito bite might get complicated with skin infections!Mosquito bites treatment

So avoiding scratching is important to prevent complications but small children are not always able to resist the scratching impulse and they need some help from parents to alleviate itching.

On this regard the best choice is to prevent mosquitoes bites at all cost, however it's a well known fact that there's not a 100% effective method to achieve this goal, so you'll have to deal with a couple of mosquitoes bites sooner or later.

The following guidelines will help you to deal with mosquitoes bites easily, especially if you have small kids.

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