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07 Oct '15

Raising a Baby

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Taking Care of Infant

Raising a baby is hard and raising it correctly is even harder. Parents or one of them need to focus solely on raising or taking care of the infant. The infant or first twelve months of the baby is the most dangerous part or raising a child. It is exhausting and emotional on the first twelve months. It also needs patience because you need to focus on every day and every night. You have to be observance on what the infant is doing so that you will know if there is something wrong. You need to do that because the baby or infant cannot tell you yet what is wrong with him or her.

The only thing the infant knows to do is cry whenever there is something wrong or something he or she needs. The infant stage is also the stage where we have to be protective with the child. We always wish that nothing wrong happen to her but even though we are doing everything we can there is always things that we cannot control or avoid because everything is part of growing up. We cannot just carry the baby the whole time for him or her to avoid bruises because the baby needs to learn a lot also like how to walk on this stage. We just have to be extra cautious on what the baby is doing to avoid accident. There are ways and things we can do to avoid accident but at the same time help the child grow and learn by him or her selves.

The first three months is more about the parent patience and more of a learning process. This is the stage where the baby only cries and sleep. They cry when they are hungry and whenever they are wet. Some said it is not fun on this stage especially when you are alone because not like the other months of infants, the baby on this stage does not response on anything that we do. All they want is to eat and sleep.

Parents should give extra care because the baby is very soft and fragile as a glass on this stage. It is better to put small soft pillow on their sides but avoid leaving them because they cannot do anything at all. There are advices that you use white linen as their bed sheet so you can see if any insects such as ants crawling to the baby. Always put caps, booties and mittens. After feeding the baby do not forget to raise the head so he or she can burp. When the baby is opening her eyes avoid putting objects too near to avoid crossing eyes. You can teach the baby to grip things on the late stage but do not leave her while holding any object.

The four to six months is better that the first three months. Although it is a little harder because they poop and pee often, the baby response now on what they are doing. Teeth start to come out so you have to buy teeter because their gums are itchy so they intend to put things on their mouth. We can start playing with them and they will know and response to you. They start to roll back and forth so you have to be extra careful that they do not roll over and fall. They also start babbling as if they were talking so it is better to talk to them so they can learn to talk. Better put any lullaby songs beside them so they can develop their hearing and talking. Avoid putting hard and sharp objects beside them.

The seven to nine months is very dangerous for the baby because this is the stage where they start to crawl. This is also the stage they start to talk and response when you call them. The late stage is where the baby starts to climb or pull him or her selves to start walking. They can start clap and play games while sitting. Sit them with support. Best thing is to child support them on this stage.

The nine to twelve months is very rewarding to parents if they reach this stage without any accident. They can be called toddler in some ways. They can eat by themselves if you put food on their hand so better avoid small objects beside them because they tend to put it on their mouth. They start to walk on this stage and they can also point their fingers on anything they want. Raising your child is very rewarding once you have done it right and you can consider it as a treasure.

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