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01 Oct '15

Celebrating Toddlers Birthday

Posted by Lovely M in blog, toddlers birthday

The Perfect Celebration for Toddlers Birthday

Birthday comes every year. People celebrate it in different ways but kids celebrate it with party and fun. Kids waited for their birthday to have fun and receive gifts. The party depends on the age of the kid. Toddler birthday is very hard to plan. Toddler birthdays are important to them because this is the age where they want to have a nice and fun party but they do not know how to have a party and what they want. Any party is good for them because they do not know yet the perfect party.

Parents should make it beautiful because this is the stage of great cognitive, emotional and social development. Once they have their own party they feel that they are special to you. Throwing a party for toddlers is very tiring because you have to think and prepare the party. It is different from preschooler and grade school because they already know what they want on their party not like the toddlers.

Preparing the toddler party start with choosing the motive for the party. Boy and girl motive is different. The best place is outside the house or outdoor because you will have kids as visitors. Have foods for kids separated from foods for adults. Kids love spaghetti and chicken. It is better to put the kid food on a plate already so that they can avoid getting messy. You can put the chicken and spaghetti on a Styrofoam already. You will have programs for the kids and usually kids concentrate on the programs and not the food and so by having it on the Styrofoam your adult guess can eat and you would not worry about the children food. The best program will be a clown as the emcee. Kids love clowns so kids will be attentive once the emcee is a clown. Games are always part of the program that is why you have to prepare prizes for the winners. The prizes should be something that kids love like candies, coloring materials and toys.

You can also prepare simple mind games or puzzle. Games that involve parents and their child are nice game on a birthday party. Hire a magician to entertain kids because kids love and amaze by magic. The program will be ended by a mascot of the celebrant choice showing up on party. The kid will appreciate it much seeing the mascot and he or she will think that his or her parents did everything to get the mascot. Give tokens to everyone that attends the party. A token that shows the picture of the celebrant is the best token.

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