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27 Aug '17

Advantages of having a pet for your kid

Posted by Sandra Sosa
It's not unsual for families to have a pet for their kids but beyond the cute things associated with a pet at home, there are several advantages of having an animal, especially for kids.

A pet is a great company for a kid, especially for a single child, however also siblings enjoy when there's a pet at home, but benefits of sharing the space with a domestic animal go far beyond.

When there's a pet in the family kids learn they are not the center of the universe and begin to share their space not only with adults and siblings but also with the
Benefits of a pet for your kid
animal; additionally they learn to respect other living beings and realize from a very early age that Earth is not exclusively for humankind but for all living species.

From a practical point of view, taking care of a pet shows children the responsibility derived from having an animal especially when they are involved on daily care such as feeding the pet, going out for a walk with the dog or changing the cat's sanitary sand.

While children take care and play of their pets, they also learn about animal behaviour and start to make proper interpretations of non-verbal communication because animals don't speak but provides a myriad of messages with their posture, movements and so on; then children learn to "read" such messages from their pets and later on their lives they will master the art of non verbal communication with people.

Another important thing they learn is that animals are not toys, instead they are living beings who deserve respect, care and love.

At the end of the day your child will build a very strong link with his/her pet, a binding which last forever and will teach valuable lessons for the entire life of your kid.

So, if you have time, space and resources to have a pet at home, don't hesitate to adopt one little, cute pet.

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