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28 Jun '17

Are my kids in danger if they eat junk food?

Posted by Sandra Sosa
First thing to say it that junk food is not the healthiest available food choice and should never be recommended over other options; however because of lack of time, having a good time on the play area or just due to taste (that's not a secret, junk food is not healthy but tasty), to keep junk food completely out of the menu is almost impossible, especially if you have young kids, who love this kind of food.

Some years ago this would not be a real concern but with an everyday increasing awareness about the importance of a healthy diet, nowadays parents tend to think twice before giving their little ones junk foods.

That's great, but it was mentioned, it's hard to keep junk foods out of the menu at
Is it safe to give junk food to my kids?
all, and isn't really necessary!

Even when it seems a contradiction (and one your children will love), there's not real risk about eating junk food time to time, something like once or twice a month but no more.

Furthermore, junk food NEVER should be a diet main caloric source, otherwise your kids' health is on heavy danger, but if sporadic the impact on health is very low.

No food is bad itself, but when excessive, everything has the potential to become a real concern; thus if you bought a junk food box last weekend for your kids, don't feel guilty nor concerned unless you are planning to buy it again shortly!

The key is to find a balance between a healthy diet, convenience and fun! If you succeed doing it, you and your family won't have any problem with dietetic habits, even when one of two junk food portions a month are included.

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