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22 Apr '18

Benefits from early stimulation during pregnancy.

Posted by Sandra Sosa

After birth development depends of a myriad of factors; from genetics to cultural environment as well education methods and nutrition as well; so accurate prediction of a new baby intellectual outcome is a real hard thing since there are too many factors to take in mind, all them changing along time.

However it's possible to provide your little one an edge from the very beginning through early stimulation during pregnancy.

There's not a consensus about how positive this could be, but certainly there are no associated risks, so in the worst case scenario, your baby won't benefit of early stimulation but won't suffer any negative impact neither; then you can try early stimulation during pregnancy without any concern.

Despite the lack of consensus, several researches have confirmed that babies stimulated while still inside the womb have increased chances of better intellectual outcomes after birth, not only during infancy but long lasting.

On the other hand, early pregnancy stimulation allows you to build a solid bindBenefits of early stimulation during pregnancy with your baby long before you meet him/her face to face. These activities allow you to learn about your baby's reactions, what he/she likes and dislikes as well what kind of stimuli better suit that little person inside your belly.

There are many stimulation techniques for babies while still in the womb. You may try more than one and realize how you feel with each one as well your baby's reaction. By doing this you'll be able to choose the techniques that better suit both of you.

For mommies and even daddies, early stimulation during pregnancy is a great opportunity to strength binds not only with the new baby but also between the couple members; in addition is a time for a break on the daily routines, allowing to re-charge batteries for a while.

It's also a moment to think about the future and figure out how your life will be once your baby borns; being the above particular important during your first pregnancy, when everything is new and you are not aware of what you will face once your baby reaches your arms.

On the other side of the equation we find the baby. Early stimulation seems to increase brain development and there are strong evidences indicating that babies receiving pre-birth stimuli have better intellectual development and increased life outcomes not only during the first years of life, but all life long.

Babies learn to recognize their parent's voices as well stimulus patterns very early while still in the womb, leading to the faster formation of more neuronal connections which ultimately will be responsible of better outcomes.

Of course you must continue doing your job once your baby borns, otherwise all the edge will be lost, so what you started with early stimulation must be continued with planned, structured stimuli and education according to your baby's age until he/she reach adulthood.

Certainly there's a lot to discover on this matter yet, but so far potential benefits are more than enough to encourage parents towards early pregnancy stimulation.

After all, there's no associated risks and you and your baby have a lot of potential benefits!

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