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07 Jul '18

Benefits of sports for kids

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Sport is a valuable activity for both kids and adults, thus getting involved on sport activities early will lead to a more active, healthier lifestyle which will last forever.

It's a well known fact that people involved on physical activities live longer, have less illnesses and are happier than those who are not, however that's not the only benefits of sports, especially for kids. Let's take a look to other advantages of sports practice from childhood.

1. It encourages outdoors, physical activity

Nowadays kids expend more than 80% of their time indoors. That leads to a solitaire, isolate lifestyle, moreover, being indoors so long may lead to the lack of important vitamins such as Vitamin D which needs exposition to get metabolized.

In addition being outdoors facilitates exposition not only to physical stimuli but also different environment substances. The above is believed to diminish allergies because of a phenomenon known as "desensibilization".

2. Kids grow up with less fears

Fear is a consequence of the unknown and if you expend your life indoors,Benefits of sports for kids surrounded only of what you know, it will be easier to feel afraid of the unknown when you are out, after all you won't be familiar with lot of things.

Sports, especially outdoors sports facilitate kids exposition to many,different stimuli making them stronger and less fearful. In fact, kids practicing sport will have the chance to explore their boundaries in terms of strength and resistance, so they will know their own capabilities and limitations, leading to a confidence surge.

3. It's an easy way to learn discipline

Sports and discipline walk together, so if you practice sport, almost for sure you will be a disciplined person; furthermore, it's a great way to learn to follow rules, otherwise it's impossible to get engaged successfully on sports.

4. Kids learn to work as a team

That's especially true for those practicing team sports. Being part of a team is a good way to learn about leadership, team working and joint effort. Kids involved in team sports learn the value of joint work and about responsibility not only with the self but with the group.

Being part of a team teaches when to put personal interests aside, in favor of the group, but also that it's possible to achieve a better outcome working together, leading to achievements which could not be possible working alone.

5. Increases mental and physical strength

Most of people see sports as a physical activity, and even when the physical aspect is important, most of success on sport is mental.

If you think it's possible, probably it will; otherwise, regardless of how strong, fast or agile you are, if you are not convinced you can, probably it won't.

So kids involved on sports develop not only physical but mental strength, some that will be valuable for them during all their lives, not only in sports but in every aspect of daily living.

Those are only a bunch of sport benefits for kids; certainly enough to encourage the little ones of the house to get involved on sports.

As a bonus, have you ever wondered about how cool would be practice sports with your kids? There's no better way to strengthen your ties, try it, you won't regret about it.


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