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15 Jun '18

Clarifying doubts about sports and kids

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Parents often are enthusiast about encouraging their kids to get involved on sports, but what kind of sport, the reason to advise them to get involved onto sports and even the best age to start are not clear so often.

Even when the aim of this post is to clarify some doubts about such issues, the fact is that sports are good for your kids EVER, so sooner they get involved on regular physical activity, better!

Let's begin with the age. Age to get involved into sports varies depending of the discipline, especially if your kid has potential to achieve professional or master level, however there are some general guidelines that might help.Encourage your kids to get involved on sports

Sports requiring elasticity and great coordination like gymnastics and synchronized swimming usually require an early beginning. On the other hand, disciplines requiring physical contact (i.e. martial arts, hockey, etc) or weights lifting (athletics, weightlifting) usually require to achieve a particular degree of physical development to start, otherwise the risk of injuries is high.

Regarding team sports, most of them may be practiced early in life and after years of practice a very young individual, around 21 or 22 years old is able to become a master.

Of course the above mentioned is just a general rule and everything will depend of your kid's maturity, physical development and intended objectives; then some kids will begin sooner than others.

Regardless of potential professional development, sports must be present on each kid's life as soon as possible. Playing with a ball, walking, swimming, hiking or any other sport may begin early and requires almost nothing to start.

The kind of sport your kid should practice will depend of two main variables: kid's temperament and physical skills.

Temperament will rule your kid's preferences and while a very aggressive, extrovert personality could choose contact sports, a reflexive, introverted personality could lead towards something different, like long distance runs. On the other hand a "leader personality" usually will prefer team sports while a "lonely wolf" could choose something more solitaire like swimming.

At the end, the best choice is a sport that your kid loves to practice. Perhap it will be necessary to try two or more before making a final decision, but at the end the most important thing is to practice a sport that we enjoy.

The reasons behind encouraging your kids to practice sports are many. See all of them on our post Benefits of sports for kids.

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