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05 Sep '18

Cotton or Synthetic Clothes for your baby?

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Regarding babies clothing there are many options on the market, including different models, sizes and even fabrics, but something parents don't think about frequently is the best type of fabrics for their baby's clothes.

Nowadays the fabrics choice is wide and varied, but not all of them are the best choice for babies, especially small ones, even more, some types of fabrics are associated with certain health problems, thus it's better to avoid them.

Overall, fabrics used for babies clothes can be divided on two big groups, those made with natural fibers (particularly cotton) and synthetic fabrics clothes (polyester, nylon, expanded and so on); but which is the best one?

Usually pediatricians recommend the use of natural fibers clothes, i.e. cotton, that's because several benefits associated with this type of clothing:Cotton is the best choice for your baby's clothing

1. Less alergic reactions

Some babies, especially those suffering from atopic dermatitis may develop allergic reactions when the skin contacts synthetic fibers leading to redness, itching and inconvenience, some times so intense that requires medical intervention.

On the other hand cotton clothes are not associated with allergies, furthermore cotton is the recommended fiber for people suffering from atopic dermatitis and other kinds of skin allergic reactions.

2. More breathable

Cotton is more breathable than synthetic fibers preventing wet accumulation, especially on the back, inner leg and all those areas prone to accumulate humidity. 

On this regard, breathable fabrics are not only more comfortable but also prevents certain medical conditions associated with wet skin such as follicles inflammation, mycotic infections and skin maceration.

3. Cotton is Softer

Even when some synthetic fibers are very soft, there are not fabrics softer than cotton, so there's not better fabric for your baby's delicate skin than cotton. This doesn't mean that your little one can't wear synthetic fabrics clothes time to time, but that must be an exception and not a rule.

4. There's no risk of static 

It seems a joke but on dry weather, a baby wearing synthetic clothes, crawling and rubbing bed sheets may accumulate a considerable amount of static electricity and even when that's not a real risk, you won't wish to receive an electric discharge when you take your baby from the craddle.

5. Better insulation

Cotton is a better insulation material than synthetic fibers, allowing to keep warm when outside is cold and vice versa, keeping the inside cool when outside is hot. 

On this regard cotton is a great fabric for babies' clothing, even when in extreme weather it will be mandatory to use not only cotton as insulation but also many other natural and synthetic materials.

Obviously cotton has an edge over synthetic fabrics regarding babies clothes and even when synthetic materials might be cheaper, it's better to invest a little more money to keep your baby warm, healthy and happy. 

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