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26 Feb '17

Diaper Rash, a real concern to deal with

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Even when not dangerous, diaper rash is a concern to deal with when you have a little baby, especially if you are a new parent because diaper rash causes baby's discomfort making her/him to cry almost continuously until the problem is solved.

Some babies develop diaper rash because of allergy to diaper building materials, in such cases things may get complicated. Fortunately that's not the most common situation and diaper rashes may be avoided with simple measures.

But before moving forward with diaper rash treatment, it's very important to define it and be able to establish a difference between a diaper rash and other newborn skin disorders.

On this regard diaper rash tends to occurs only on the areas where skin takes contact with diaper materials, moreover, the area which may turn wet; thus if a rash extend to the skin beyond the diaper contact area, it's probably a skin disorder different than Diaper Rash Preventiondiaper rash and medical advice is mandatory.

If not, you will see that most of the compromised areas is near the natural body openings, that means urethra and anus; and the rash vanishes while you look far from them. Diaper rash is characterized by by redness on the area associated to pain and wet sensation when touching the skin; all those symptoms due to skin inflammation.

The most common cause of diaper rash is to leave diapers too long when wet; even when there are individual differences among various baby's skins, at the end if the diaper is wet too long, diaper rash will appear sooner or later; the best approach to deal with the rash is preventing it by changing diapers as soon as possible when dirty but if it's late for your child and the rash already appeared, try the following to deal with it:

1- Start changing diapers frequently; wetness is the main enemy to beat

2- Leave the baby without diaper half an hour or more several times a day; that allows skin to heal and reduce pain and discomfort

3- Use mild soap to wash the area, if possible only warm water; less contact with soap leads to minor inflammation

4- Use appropriate skin care products designed specifically to deal with diaper rash.

5- Carefully read skin care products instructions carefully and use accordingly, in case of doubts look for medical advise

6- Don't use antibiotics or steroids ointments; there's no formal indication to use them, furthermore, it could be deleterious.

7- Diaper rash must heal within a week at most when properly addressed, if it persists look for medical attention

As you may see, diaper rash is not a big deal if properly managed, however neglect to act properly could lead to serious complications, thus focusing on prevention is the best idea and the less expensive too, even when you will be using more disposable diapers than usual.

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