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31 Dec '17

Disposable vs. Reusable diapers. Which is better?

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Fifty years ago this would not be an issue, but nowadays many parents face a tough decision because it's necessary to choose between the convenience of disposable diapers and the environment friendly option of reusable ones.

Certainly since disposable diapers were introduced in the market, they have been very popular; after all anybody wish to clean poop all day long; instead, removed a dirty diaper, discard it and use a new one is very convenience but are we ready to face the cost?

And not only the economic burden for the family, since disposable diapers use implies a constant money expense for at least 2 years; but also for the environment. A disposable diaper is used for less than a day but it takes decades to disappear from the environment; and that's only the disposal, without considering the amount of resources required to produce them.

Disposable vs. Reusable Diapers

On the other hand, even when more eco-friendly; reusable diapers are not so convenient; it's necessary to count with more than a couple ready to be used, and usually to change a baby becomes a harder work because you need to change the diaper, store the dirty one to wash it later; clean the baby; put the new diaper and secure it properly.

The process will take longer and inexorably you will be dealing with poop and urine for a while; especially by night.

With the above in mind, it's hard to say which is better. If you life fast and wild (as most people on modern time); disposable diapers are just for you; on the other hand if you think not only on today, but in the future and the environment is a concern for you, perhaps the best choice would be reusable diapers.

Finally it's a personal decision; and it's not unusual to find parents who decide to use reusable diapers at home but disposable when out, due to convenience.

Undoubtedly disposable came to stay for long, but reusable have last despite of the fierce competition of modern, more convenient, easy to use disposable diapers; so a midpoint between both option is also a good possibility.


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