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06 May '17

Going to the beach with babies

Posted by Sandra Sosa
After a baby birth there's definitely too many changes on parents' lives, especially after the first kid, but time to time parents overreact and go far from rational, eliminating things and activities which can perfectly done with a little baby; taking proper care of details.

That's the case of visits to the beach. Many parents are afraid of little babies health and safety risks on the beach and avoid to visit it until the baby has grew up; however if you set up everything properly and take care of small details, you don't have anything to worry about and you and your family may enjoy a beach day without jeopardizing your little one safety.

Perhaps it's not a good idea to take your little baby to the beach before the 1st month, during this period babies require a lot of attention, are very delicate and parents are really tired to be alert on an outside, potentially risky environment like a beach, but after that time things change progressively and it's possible to plan a beach day without many concerns, just keep a few tips in mind and your family will enjoy a delightful beach day without problems.

1. First of all, SUNSCREEN

Your little baby has a thin, delicate skin which is easily burned by UVB rays, thus there's a need of extra protection; the problem is that not all sunscreens are suitable to be used on children younger than 6 month; hence you need to find a proper sunblock for your little baby.

Once you have found it, be sure to choose the highest available SPF factor, the higher
Taking your baby to the beach the better and if waterproof, even better!

2. Avoid direct sun exposition

Regardless sunscreen, your baby is too young to be directly exposed to sun on the beach, thus you need to find a tent or some other kind of protection to keep your children on the shadow and fresh, otherwise there's a real risk of sun burns.

3. Keep your baby covered

Little babies might get sunburns despite of sun blockers, then it's a good idea to choose fresh clothes to keep them as much covered as possible, this way you will be using an extra protection layer.

4. An inflatable pool is a great option for a bath

It's impossible to hit the beach and don't have a bath; but your little one is too young to visit the waves; however an inflatable pool is a great option to give your little one a salty water bath. It will be very funny and a whole, new sensorial experience.

Just be sure to keep the water level low, just an inch is enough for fun. Additionally remember to avoid contact of salty water with your baby's eyes, that will ruin the day for sure and will scare the baby a lot.

5. Always have fresh water to clean your baby

After a short, salty water playing time, don't forget to wash your baby's skin with fresh water, if possible warm. You wish your little one to be as comfortable as possible and for sure, that sticky skin sensation after a sea water bath is not convenient.

6. Avoid being outside between 11:00 am and 2:30 pm

You may have a beach day with your little baby but with certain restrictions. On this regard, the most intense UVB rays exposition hours are between 11:00 am and 2:30 pm; hence you must avoid being outdoors with your little baby during that period.

On those hours it will be a good idea going for lunch and a nap instead of playing with sand.

7. Remember to have many clothes changes and diapers available.

Be prepared for the unexpected and take with you enough clothes and diapers to face spills, dirty and any other problem, especially if the way back home is long.

Finally, use common sense. If you think something is not suitable for your baby, just don't do it, and in case of doubts, you always may consult your pediatrician for professional advice.

Now, get ready to plan your next day on the beach with your growing family!

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