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20 Jul '18

How much TV is enough?

Posted by Sandra Sosa

TV is part of daily activities almost on every western world family, but ... how much TV is enough?

This is a questions our grandparents didn't have to answer since most of them didn't have TV when raising their own children; even our parents had not such an issue, after all a few decades agos the TV offer regarding children shows was not as wide as nowadays when there are plenty of children TV shows 24/7.

Then, how much TV is too much for your children?

That's a tough question and unfortunately there are as many answers as families with children, however stats show that most of modern children spend most ofToo much TV for your kids their time inside, with the TV or computing games.

Even when that's not a problem itself, when such activities, especially TV interfere with normal behavior or force children to leave appart other activities, there's a real concern about the negative impact on our children.

Of course there's not a standardized way to measure this, but the following tips will help you to know if your kids' TV hours are going beyond the healthy limits.

1. Your kids prefer to stay inside watching TV instead of playing out with their friends

2. School performance is affected because of TV. Your kids spend more time in front of the TV than studying.

3. Your children talk almost exclusively about their favorite TV shows.

4. Everyday activities like helping at home or doing their rooms are left apart because they are watching TV.

5. During vacations time they expend more than half the day watching TV

6. Your kids watch TV until late night; they sacrifice sleep hours due to TV

7. They emule their favorite characters constantly, like living on the TV world

If you notice some of the above signs, probably there's a problem with the amount of time your kids expend in front of the TV.

Obviously there are many more signs, but these are the most frequent; thus if you notice one or more of them, begin to limit your children's exposition to TV. If you are not able to succeed on your own (it's not an easy task!), look for professional advice.

Doing nothing is the worst choice because everyday this "TV addiction" will worse impacting negatively almost every aspects of your children's life, and even worse; leading them to an "addictive" behaviour that could have critical future consequences.

Certainly one or two days of TV overloads time to time are not the end of the world, but if such behavior becomes constant, pay attention! You'll probably need to do something to remediate it.

That will the best for your children's!


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