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07 Jul '18

How to stimulate your baby while still inside the womb

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Searching on the internet you will find tons of gadgets and techniques to stimulate your baby while still inside the womb, and despite of the effectiveness or effectiveness lack of such devices, you really don't need to expend a fortune to properly stimulate your baby before birth.

Next you'll find some easy to follow tips intended to stimulate your still unborn baby anywhere, anytime you wish on a costless manner.

1. Talk to your baby

It's hard to realize how easy the sound travels through the human body, but it's true, your baby is able to hear your voice, not the way others hear it (through air transmission) but better (because of transmission through bodily tissues); so talk to the baby anytime you wish, no matter how noisy the place you are is, he/she will be able to hear your voice.

Perhaps it's still too early for the baby to understand what you are saying, but he/she will get familiar with your voice, your tone and even with your feelings according to your tone. Don't hesitate to talk your baby all the time; you don't need microphones, earphones or special gadgets, just you, your voice and the baby.Learn to stimulate your baby while still in the womb

If daddy and siblings wish to talk the baby, it's possible too! They only need to speak calm and with a normal voice tone near the womb; that's enough to let the baby know they are there.

2. Listen music

Same as your voice, the baby is able to listen outside sounds, especially music. It don't need to be loud music, just the music you usually listen to, with a normal volume.

Some people put earphones on the mother's belly but that's not really necessary; it's enough to power your radio and enjoy your favorite music. It won't take you longer to realize how the baby reacts with such and stimuli and evenmore, which music he/she likes and which not.

3. Massage your belly

Massaging your belly is a great way to relieve pressure, reduce the stretch marks development and stimulate your baby.

A gently massage using and hydrating cream will help to take care of your skin but also will allow the baby to feel your hands (or daddy's hands) gently massaging their back, feet or head, depending of baby's position inside the womb.

Furthermore, the baby will react to the massage moving to the position he/she likes more; or perhaps will kick you if it's not the proper time to disturb his/her slept!

4. Make exercise

That will help to keep you healthy and strong along pregnancy but also will give your baby a boost of wellness.

When you exercise, all your blood carry more energy, oxygen and a lot of endogenous substances known as "endorphins", responsible of the sense of wellbeing when you do exercise.

Same as you, the baby will feel that oxygen and endorphins surge, making him/her to feel great! In addition all that body movement will be like a rollercoaster for your little one, so let's do some exercise.

5. Use light

Believe it or not, light is able to go through bodily tissues and get as deep as you womb; in fact your baby is able to perceive environmental illumination changes and perhaps to make the difference between day and night.

Thus you can use a flashlight to stimulate your baby! Just put it near your belly pointing toward your back and light will reach your baby; afterwards look at the baby's reactions and move light from one point of another to play a little bit.

That way you will stimulate your baby and will play a little bit with him/her and you will learn about what the baby likes more.

As you see, it's not hard to stimulate your baby inside your womb; in fact you don't need anything special or expensive; moreover, your hands and your voice are the best, cheapest tools for this task.

However be careful! Too much stimuli might overwhelm the little one inside you, so don't overstimulate your baby, just enjoy him/her and learn when to stop according to the reactions you feel. At the beginning it will be a little hard, but it won't take you longer to learn what your baby loves and what not.

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