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01 Sep '18

How to take care of mosquitoes bites

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Mosquito bites are one of the most inconvenient things on Earth, not only because of immediate pain but also due to the long lasting itching after the bite. Most of this itching is because of enzymes present on mosquitoes saliva which are intended to enrich blood supply towards the bitten area as well preventing blood clotting on that particular spot.

Even when some species have a sort of anesthetic components to avoid victim awareness of the bite, most of mosquitoes don't, so the immediate sensation is unpleasant and the long lasting itching more than inconvenient, especially if an individual is allergic to one or more of mosquitoes saliva components.

On the other hand the natural reaction on this situation is to scratch the bitten area to find relief, and even when this could provide a temporary ease, the mechanical effect of scratching will worsen the inflammatory reaction, leading to more itching, pain and redness, furthermore, due to tiny wounds on skin surface, scratching a mosquito bite might get complicated with skin infections!Mosquito bites treatment

So avoiding scratching is important to prevent complications but small children are not always able to resist the scratching impulse and they need some help from parents to alleviate itching.

On this regard the best choice is to prevent mosquitoes bites at all cost, however it's a well known fact that there's not a 100% effective method to achieve this goal, so you'll have to deal with a couple of mosquitoes bites sooner or later.

The following guidelines will help you to deal with mosquitoes bites easily, especially if you have small kids.

1. Cold

This is the keystone of mosquitoes bites treatment. Cold de-activates enzymes  on mosquito saliva, reduce blood flow towards the bitten area and reduces inflammation leading to itching, pain and redness reduction.

Ice cold packs or ice bags are a good choice to lead with mosquitoes bite, however the key here is to apply cold as soon as possible, in fact, the sooner you apply cold packs, the better.

2. Alcohol

Even when it's not as effective as cold packs, isopropyl alcohol applied locally will help to reduce temperature on the area and provide a sort of temporary anesthetic effect, in addition helps to eliminate bacteria on the surrounding skin leading to infection risk reduction.

The problem here is that alcohol will evaporate fast, son you'll need to apply it several times until itching disappears. A good option is to use alcohol based gels which are able to last longer providing the same relief.

3. Antihistaminics

In some cases local measures are not enough to deal with mosquito bites associated discomfort, especially on allergic individuals, so a dose or two of antihistaminics will be useful. On this cases the best idea is to find medical advice to calculate the proper dose, particularly on small children.

4. Hydrating creams

Once the acute discomfort diminishes, there's still a 3 to 5 days periods before bite symptoms completely disappear, during this time the use of hydrating cream will help to maintain skin integrity, reduce itching and prevent scab formation. 

A good idea is to use cold cream to increase its effect.

5. Menthol lotions

Menthol has remarkable anti inflammatory and anesthetic properties when is locally applied, in addition it's able to reduce local temperature making of it a great choice to deal with mosquitoes bites.

Menthol lotions applied on the bitten area and around here two or three times a day will prevent itching and will contribute for a faster healing, so if your kids are not allergic to menthol, you may use it to deal with these inconvenient bites.

The above tips will be helpful to deal with almost all cases of mosquitoes bites, most of them will heal within 3 to 5 days without complications, however if you notice redness or itching persistence, fever or lack of healing after 5 days, it's time to find professional medical advice.

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