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12 Aug '18

Importance of a car seat

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Safety must be a top priority on all aspects of your baby's life and security while car traveling is a critical concern due to the real risk of severe injury and even death.

So first thing to do before getting inside a car with your baby (an even bigger children) is to buy a proper car seat. There are plenty of models in the market, ranging from very basic (and cheap) up to very complex, full of gadget expensive ones, but the most important thing is that every baby car seat must comply with the transportation safety board regulations.

On this regard, every baby car seat must have lateral support, cushioned head support and attaching devices designed to fix the chair frontwards or backwardsBaby car seat depending of the baby's age.

Remember that the baby car seat must be placed always on the back seat of the car and have been attached with provided straps according to manufacturer's instructions. Failing on doing so may lead to fatal injuries in case of an accident because without proper fixation, the car seat remains useless.

Another important detail to keep in mind is the seat maximum carrying weight. There are car seats that can be used up to 10 pounds while there are some others able to deal up to 50 pounds. Be sure about the maximum allowed weight of your baby's car seat and use it until your baby achieves such weight, no further.

If you have more than one car, the most convenient is to have a chair for each one but if it's not possible, take your time to move the baby's car seat from one car to the other each time you need. Be sure to properly fix everything and check twice that everything is OK, remember that in case of an accident the car seat will make the difference between life or death.

Finally remember that a baby never must be transported on a car without a car seat suitable for his/her age and weight. Some people believes that carrying a baby on their arms will protect them in case of an accident, but the fact is that the baby will suffer critical injuries after being crushed between the person holding him and the car parts.

On this regard, a baby car seat acts as a shield, keeping your little one far from danger as most as possible in the event of a car accident.

With the above in mind, the best investment you may do to protect your baby when traveling is to buy a high quality, certified baby car seat.

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