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05 Aug '17

Is my kid lazy because sleeps a lot?

Posted by Sandra Sosa
Lack of sleep is a common problem among parents with little babies, it seems nights are endless and that you won't have a night of full sleep again! Small babies are demanding during nights and their sleep pattern is very different from adults, but believe it or not, that will change, and soon!

Once your kid begins school, sleep habits will change dramatically, not only because of new timetables to deal with, but also due to an increased energy expenditure. During school time your kids will go to bed earlier and sometimes will be hard to wake up them in the morning.
Kids grow up during sleep

After a while you will see they need a nap on the afternoon and during weekends they seem to sleep like a bear in winter! But what's wrong with that kid that some years ago never slept more than 4 or 6 hours?, Did he/she turn on a lazy kid once the school began?

Fortunately not! As it was previously mentioned during school, energy expenditure is higher, then resting time needs to be increased, but that's not the only reason behind too much sleep.

Now your kid is getting older he/she begins to grow more and more, in fact during first school years kids seem to grow overnight, in fact they literally wake up taller! And that's the main reason behind the increased number of sleep hours.

Even when we don't notice it, growing is an energy consuming process which demands not only an extra caloric intake but also extending resting time.

On the other hand during sleep the so called growth hormone achieves it peaks and exert its effect, thus sleep periods are longer in order to expose the body to increase growth hormone level during more time, accelerating kids growing, and considering that the hormone levels are higher during night time and decrease slowly during the first morning hours, it's not a surprise that your kid requires some extra sleep each morning.

With the above in mind you must not be concerned about the extra sleep. If during waking time your kid is active, plays sports, has a good scholar performance, eats well and socializes properly, there's nothing wrong with her/his health and obviously is not a matter of being lazy but about growing, so let's nature do the magic and let your kid to sleep a little more every time you can, after all there's only one chance to grow!

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