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09 Apr '17

Kids need sun and fresh air!

Posted by Sandra Sosa
Only a few decades ago kids spent more than 6 hours a day playing outside on courtyards and parks; nowadays after the technologic evolution and a huge offer of electronic devices, video games, computers and portable devices, kids spend average less than 1 hour a day  playing outside and, even worse, interacting with their peers!

Nobody says that technology is bad and that kids must be away from electronic entertainment but it's also true that kids need to interact with each others as part of social development, otherwise social interactions with their pairs as well adults could be impaired due to a solitary, isolated behaviour derived from excessive use of electronic appliances and the lack of outdoors, social activities.

Overall, considering school hours, home assignments and extracurricular activities, most of children spend more than 10 hours a day indoors! This is not bad only for their social development as it was said above but also physically because of the lack of exercise and physical activities.Kids need to spend time outdoors

Infants obesity is becoming a major public health issue since each year more and more children are diagnosed with it, and the trend does not seem to stop; such problem arises from the fact of two key factors, an improper feeding behaviour and, even worse, a sedentary life style from the early childhood.

To address such a critical problem it's mandatory to do something and do it fast! And the first step could be at home encouraging little ones to spend more time outdoors, playing, hiking or just enjoying nature.

It's not an easy task, especially when parents need to work more than 8 hours a day to raise their families but it's necessary to find a way to do it, since it's easier to teach with the example. It's difficult for a sedentary, electronic gadgets addict parent to encourage her/his children to go outside to play, but if parents are the first ones doing outdoors activities, their children will naturally follow them; thus it's better to model a behaviour than just suggest to do something outside.

Next time with your kids, try to take them out for a walk or try to play something outdoors on the courtyard; even better if you have the chance to take them to a park, the mountain, a river or lake; they will enjoy not only the fact of spending time with you but also the landscapes and physical activities; in addition you also will be doing something good for your own health.

Time to time, let your cell phone aside and get unplugged, it will be a decision you won't regret of. There's a small time window to teach your little kids a healthy life style and the best way to do it is with the example, you will be doing great for both, your kids and yourself.

Spend more time outside with your kids and they will grew up healthier, stronger and happier, after all, they will have enough time indoors once they get older and if they grow up with a healty life style, negative, modern life impact on their health and behaviour will be minimized.

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