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14 Apr '18

Let the siblings to talk your baby while still in the womb

Posted by Sandra Sosa

A new baby at home might be challenging for older siblings because all the attention they had before, now is shared with the newborn, furthermore, most of parent's efforts will oriented towards the new family member and the older siblings might feel a little apart.

This is a hard situation for both, parents and siblings but fortunately there are many ways to deal with it, involving older siblings on the whole process associated with the newborn arrival.

By doing this, they won't feel apart but involved and will enjoy the whole process and perhaps one of the easiest ways to begin is encouraging siblings to talk to the baby while still on the womb.

Talking to the new baby while still on the womb is a good way to show siblings that they don't have to expect a particular date to be with the new baby because he/she is already here; the only difference is that they can't see the baby yet, but he/she reacts to their voices and stimuli.Lets the siblings talk to the new baby while still in the womb

It's a kind of magic, the binding is established almost instantly. When siblings have the chance to talk the baby who's still in the womb, their eyes shine and there's a lot of emotion while they can feel baby's movements and reactions against their talking.

Even more, they begin to know their brother/sister. Perhaps if they sing a particular song the baby gets exited while with other remains in calm. The siblings will notice it and begin to know what the new baby likes much before they meet him/her in person.

But benefits are not only for big kids but also for the baby. Listening to the voices of each family members prepares the baby for what he/she will face after birth. Lot of differences voices; singing, jiggling and much more! 

Of course mom's voice is the most important thing, but getting familiar with dad's and siblings' voices is also very important! It does not to be long, a few minutes a couple of times a day are enough.

This time will be useful also to strength bonds with your older sons and daughters. While they talk to the baby you have the chance to say them how it was when they were still inside your body. By doing this they will realize that the baby will grow and will get as big as them; so it's not an intruder but an equal; one that needs to grow a little bit before playing games!

Remember that human relations are based on communication, so if your older siblings begin to comunicate with the new baby early, when he/she is still on the womb, their bindings will be stronger and will develop faster than if you wait until birth to begin building them.

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