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04 Mar '17

May I share my own bed with my newborn baby?

Posted by Sandra Sosa

That's a frequent question, especially among first time parents and there's no single answer for it; in fact, there's a lot of controversy among groups supporting to share the bed with the baby and those who prefer a baby sleeping on his/her own bed (cradle) on the same room or even on the baby's own room.

Away from controversies (at the end of the day all of us are free to decide the best way to raise our own kids) there are some real facts to keep in mind to take such decision and the aim of this post is to put them on perspective, in order to allow you to take make a choice according to real facts.

1. If you are breastfeeding perhaps the best way to rest a little bit more at night is having your baby next to you. During the first weeks and up to the third month, your baby will be eating each 2 to 3 hours, day and night; hence if the little one is close to you on the same bed, you don't have to get up, pick up the baby, feed the little one and so on; instead, with a few movements both of you will be ready for breastfeeding.

2. When there are siblings perhaps you will have more than one invited to your bed; especially when brothers and sisters are still little kids; after all they don't want to lose Sharing the bed with your babytheir place because of the new baby.

3. You won't need baby's monitors to be aware of how your little pumpkin is sleeping because is just next to you.

4. You could have some troubles to achieve deep sleep and good rest; a major concern among parents sharing their beds with their little babies is to roll over them and suffocate their offspring, even when it rarelly occurs!

5. Both parents' sleep will be interrupted when the baby cries; in fact it's almost impossible to split the night in rounds to take care of the baby since both of you will be aware of each one of your baby's movements and tiny noise, thus if your sleep is usually shallow, you may expect few night rest.

6. Depending of your own temperament, there are few things in life better that the smell of your baby on your side during the night and his/her breathing sound. It's a matter of binding and there's no sweeter experience than that; in fact you could catch yourself in the middle on the night contemplating your little one at your side.

7. Sex will be out of the menu for a while, after all there's someone in between the couple (literally)

Probably there's a lot more of factors to consider depending of each family individual interactions; at the end of the day nothing is good or bad, simply some strategies go well for some families but are not so good for others. Perhaps you think it will be great to feel your little kid at your side all night long, but later you realize about the lack of good rest and decide to change the plan; everything is on you.

Some parents decide to share their beds time to time or during a certain part of the night (early night or dawn) and move the baby to cradle accordingly; there's a lot of choices and probably you will find the one that best works for you. Just keep one thing in mind: Whatever you do, enjoy your little baby as much as you can; they grow up fast and there's almost no time to delight the experience; hence, whichever your choice is, enjoy it with all your heart and your soul.

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