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01 Sep '18

Music, from the very beginning

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Music is known as the "universal language", a way of expressions which goes beyond frontiers, genders, religion and languages. Music is able to connect people feelings regardless their beliefs and culture, so is there a better way to get connected with your baby? ... Probably not.

In fact, even when it's not known when the human brain is able to process and "understand" music, it's a real fact that humans respond to music stimuli even before borning, so fetuses respond differently to each type of music, they may get still or being excited depending of each case. 

With the above in mind, it's a good idea to share time your baby, even beforeMusic is good for children from a very youn age he/she bornes, listening music. This way you will have a great time with your little one and once he/she bornes, you will have the chance to know each other through the music.

Perhaps in so cases you will be so tired that it will be impossible to get connected with your little baby but a single song will be enough to help you to overcome tiredness and ease your baby making easier the connection among you.

On the other hand it has been confirmed that children exposed to music from a very short age, have better intellectual, artistic and social outcomes; so music is a way not only to connect with your baby but also to give him/her valuable tools which will be useful forever.

In fact, once your baby has grown enough to "learn" music (around 3 years old it's possible to teach small children the basics about rhythm), it's a good idea to encourage him/her to take some music lessons.

Probably he/she will love the music and perhaps will learn to play an instrument and will include music as part of his/her life forever; but if not, there's still too many advantages because musical instruction helps to develop neural circuits that will be used later not only for music but also for logical reasoning, maths abstraction and so on.

Definitely music will bring to your baby or small child only positive things, so involve your little ones with music since the very beginning, first listening and later studying it. It will be a decision you will never regret of and something your kids will acknowledge forever.

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