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22 Sep '17

People should stop smoking when become parents

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Become parents is one of the biggest changes on anyone's life; in fact it's necessary to stop "thinking on me" and begin "to think on us" and many times not "on us" but "on the baby". That doesn't me parents self annulation but implies lifestyle changes to grew up a healthy, happy family.

On this regard perhaps one of the more difficult things to do is to change long lasting, habits such as smoking. Many people tend to think that the new baby must be adapted to parents behaviours, so mom and dad shouldn't change nothing on their daily routines; and even when this could be true for certain topics such as alimentary habits, sleep patterns and house rules; there are many other factors requiring changes from the parents, not only because of their own well being but also due to the baby's health.

Among all these potential changes, stop smoking is a critical issue. Once a baby arrives at home, parents should forget about tobacco; not only because of their own health (parents who smoke tend to die at a younger age than those who don't) but also due to the baby's health.Parents shouldn't smoke

It has been confirmed by several investigations that babies raised on homes where parents smoke tend to develop health issues more frequently than those who grow up on tobacco free houses; moreover, there's a real risk of death during the first year of life among babies raised on families where tobacco is present!

On this regard, even when the exact cause is still unknown, one of the most important risk factors for sudden infant death syndrome is parents smoking, so when a newborn baby arrives home, stop smoking shouldn't be an option, but the only possible way.

On the other hand, children from smokers tend to suffer of allergies, asthma and respiratory conditions more frequently than their non-smoker parents counterparts; then, once again avoiding smoking will be a good deal not only for parent's health but also the children.

Last but not least, children from smokers are more prone to smoke when they grow up. Tobacco health harms are not a secret and even when you smoke, perhaps you won't wish your kids do so when become adults; but ... How can we teach our kids about the risks of smoking if we smoke? So, think on the future and try to quit smoking in order to teach with the example.

Quitting smoking is not an easy task but if you think on the negative consequences for you and your family it will be easy to find the motivation and strength to stop smoking; after all everyone wishes a healthy family to live with for a long, long time and tobacco is an obstacle that must be eliminated to achieve such goal.

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