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28 Jan '17

Preparing the baby's bed

Posted by Sandra Sosa

The time is coming, your belly is pretty big and it's a matter of time till the baby is here; at the very first months of your pregnancy this moment was far away on time but now you feel urged to have everything set up to receive your baby, and perhaps nothing is more important than the baby's bed.

At this moment you must have a cradle for sure as well a lot of blankets, pillows, toys and so on but ... How exactly does the baby's bed need to be prepared?

If this is your first kid, you'll probably feel a little confused because of all the available information, especially from advertisements and what your doctor says about how to prepare your baby's bed, especially regarding safety concerns.

Well, no worries at all! The fact is simple; when you are preparing your Newborn's bed must be free from blankets and any other stuffnewborn baby bed, less is better. Beyond the fact of sharing your bed or give the baby his/her own space (which will be discused later), the fact is that at least up to the 6th month, the baby's bed needs to be plain and free.

Medical specialists advise to keep out the cradle all kind of blankets, pillows and toys, in fact the baby should be alone in the cradle with only the mattress sheet on it; no other elements are allowed in order to avoid risks of suffocation or accidents.

Most parents are concerned about the baby feeling cold without an additional blanket but if using proper baby clothes, your newborn will feel warm without additional blankets requirements.

On the other hand, pillows shouldn't be used since the baby needs to lay flat on his/her back to diminish the risk of sudden death; nobody knows why, but babies sleeping on their backs are at less risk of sudden death during the night, hence keep out from the cradle all the pillows, at least up to the 6th month.

But a safe cradle does not mean a boring one; you may put all kind of mobiles on the upper level, out from baby's reach but still on his/her sight, doing that the little baby will have visual and hearing stimuli without jeopardizing safety.

Once bigger, things will change and all kind of stuff, from blankets up to toys and even more, will populate your little kid bed.

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