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06 Jan '18

Preparing yourself for breastfeeding

Posted by Sandra Sosa

If you are a new mom who decided to breastfeed your baby, those are good news for both of you! Hence you need to prepare yourself to face such journey because as everything new on life, breastfeeding is a process requiring preparation and practice to avoid problems and specially frustration that could lead to abandon it.

Contrary to what many think and despite the fact that breastfeeding is a natural process, it's not automatic such as breathing; instead it requires practice and learning from both, mommy and baby, but if you are ready enough, your baby will learn faster and easier without trauma for neither of you.

But don't get afraid, getting prepared for breastfeeding is not as hard as you can imagine and you have plenty of time to do so.

First thing to do is to set a proper, comfortable area to breastfeed; it may be a corner on the baby's room or at your own bedroom. It must be a quiet area, far fromGet prepared for breastfeeding TV, phones, radios and other distractions, where you can focus on your baby without distractions.

Some moms prefer to breastfeed on the bed while some others love to do it on the couch because it's more comfortable for them. A good choice if you wish, it's a rocking chair because it helps to properly set the baby, gives support to your back and the swing movement allows to calm the little one, especially during the first days.

If possible, try to count with family support (your husband or your own mother) to take care of all other things in the house while you are breastfeeding, that way you and your baby won't get interrupted, especially if there are other kids at home.

Once you have setted everything up at home, get ready to prepare your body; especially during the third trimester of pregnancy.

During this period you may begin to massage your breasts with a circular pattern from the wider area toward the nipples in order to stimulate proper flow through milk ducts.

Additionally you need to prepare your nipples, especially if you have umbilicated ones. To do so manual massage is useful to stimulate nipples erection and thus facilitate breastfeeding later. Another way to stimulate nipples is to use the breast pump for a minute or two several times a day.

Finally don't forget to properly lubricate your breasts skin, specially the areola and nipples, that will keep your tissues on good health and will prevent scars and wounds that could interfere with breastfeeding later.

With all the above in mind, and with everything set up; get prepared to learn a little bit more about breastfeeding by Clicking Here.

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