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15 Jul '17

Pros and Cons of Video Games

Posted by Sandra Sosa
Probably our grandparents didn't care about video games, after all there were not such things when our parents were children, but during the last 40 years, video games came to stay, furthermore, everyday there are more and better games on both, portable devices as well on the internet.

With such an abundant and varied offer, it's impossible for a kid to choose a bunch of games and stay within their boundaries, especially due to non-stop social pressures to move from one game to the other, competition among companions and even self challenge to play or end more and more games.

Such situation is a concern for many parents, especially considering that video games may be associated to addictive behaviours, thus children could begin to play more and more every day leaving apart other important activities such as sports, education and social interactions.

With so many risks, it would be natural to keep kids away from video games, but that's not necessary, especially considering that despite risks, videogames are able to provide your kids with skills which will be useful in the future.
Pros and Cons of Video Games

On this regard, it has been seen that adults spatial perception is better on those individuals who played video games when young, same as eye-hand coordination and even reasoning speed.

After all video games require quick decision making, eye-hand coordination and evaluation of a third dimension using only a plain image (unless you are playing with virtual reality but that's a totally different story); all of them, skills required on today modern life, when immediate decision making, skills using complex instruments and machinery are an everyday task.

With all the above in mind, it seems rational to allow our kids to play video games long enough to take advantage of the positive aspects of video games playing but not so much to push them towards the negative side.

As usual, there's not a magic formula working good for everyone, thus you must be aware of your own kid's needs and tailor their video games playing schedule accordingly.

Usually the positive effect of videogames playing comes on its own, thus you must concern just to keep your kids away from the dangerous side; thus if your little ones like to study, practice sports, socialize according to their age and have a normal lifestyle despite of spending two or three hours a day playing video games, there's no reason to concern about.

On the other hand, if you detect any issue such as an addictive behaviour, lack of sleep due to gaming, abandoning other activities and even moodiness because of lack of gaming or poor performance on video games, then it's time to take proper actions to avoid further problems.

As almost everything in life, the keyword is balance, that way your kids will enjoy playing video games, will develop the required skills and still will have a healthy, normal behaviour.

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