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18 Aug '18

Protect your baby against mosquitoes

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Mosquitoes are not only a disgusting problem but also a health risk for both, adults and children, especially on hot, tropical and subtropical areas where mosquitoes borne diseases are a serious concern.

On this regard, people on the extremes of life, that means elderly and babies are on greater risk, not only because they are more exposed due to a limited mobility, but also because of inmunologic weakness which put them on extreme danger in case of mosquitoes borne diseases such as paludisme, dengue and yellow fever to mention only a bunch of them.

Even worse, most of mosquitoes borne diseases are not vaccine preventable, so being bitten by a mosquito on an endemic area implies a high risk of getting sick and even die because viruses or parasites transmitted by such bite.Baby mosquitoes net

So, in case you live on a mosquitoes endemic area or you are planning to travel to tropical or subtropical places with your babies and children, take care to avoid mosquitoes bites as much as possible.

To achieve such goal, follow the next tips which help you to prevent mosquitoes bites, avoiding not only uncomfortable itching and pain, but also preventing serious and potentially lethal illnesses. 

1. Cover as much skin as possible

Even when sometimes mosquitoes are able to bite through the fabrics, cover with clothes as muchs skin as possible diminishes the chances of being bitten, so limit exposed skin areas to minimize biting chances.

2. Use mosquitoes repellents

Some escents and odors, no matter if natural or manmade, help to keep mosquitoes away from your baby skin. In the market there are plenty of manufactured products to be applied on your baby's skin to safely protect your baby from mosquitoes bites.

However if you prefer something more natural, some scents such as cinnamon and tangerine have demonstrated to be effective to diminish mosquitoes bites. Use them over the skin as a lubricating oil or add it to a regular hydrating cream.

Some pediatricians recommend the use of B complex as a mosquitoes repeller. The penetrating, characteristic odor of such vitamin seems to be disgusting for mosquitoes, so they stay away of people with such odor; then adding some drops of B vitamin complex to your baby's hydrating cream will help to prevent mosquitoes bites.

3. Stay indoors on critical hours

Mosquitos tend to be more active after twilight and early in the morning, so stay indoors during these hours to prevent being bitten.

4. Use air conditioning if possible

Mosquitoes are not so active when the temperature drops, so keeping your indoors temperature below 18 ºC (64 ºF) will diminish the activities of mosquitoes inside your house, so set the air conditioning at this temperature (or lower) even when possible if an air conditioning system is available.

5. Instal mosquitoes nets on your windows

The use of mosquitoes nets to prevent access of flying insects to your house is a great choice to prevent mosquitoes borne diseases. So install nets on all open accesses and keep doors closed when not necessary to prevent mosquitoes access to your house, preventing this way bites.

Additionally, install a personal mosquitoes net over your baby's cradle or your children beds. This will add a secondary protection layer in case a mosquito is able to get into the house.

Finally, keep your house as clean as possible, free of open water deposits which could be mosquitoes breeding sites and spray insecticides approved to be used near humans to prevent as much as possible your baby to be bitten by mosquitoes.

However you must remember that despite all the above mentioned measures, there's not a 100% effective method to avoid being bitten by a mosquito, so in case your baby is reach and bitten by one - or more -, you must know how to take care of mosquitoes bites, but this will be part of our next post.

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