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04 Nov '17

Save time to play with your kids

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Modern life takes most of our time and every day is harder to expend time with the family, especially with the little kids; and when we do so; usually our focus is on teaching, educating and correct our little ones.

Even when that's a big responsibility which must not be unattended, the real fact is that our kids not only require education and discipline but also enjoyment. On this regard it's mandatory to figure out how to share the time we expend with our children between education and enjoyment, otherwise they will be grewing up lacking of a critical part of the emotional and cognitive development such as affective support.

If we don't spend enjoyable time with our kids, there's almost no difference betweenPlay games with your kids teachers, trainers and other people involved on their education; then expending time on enriching activities not aimed to education is a good time to make the difference; moreover, we will be creating memories for both, our children and us that will last forever.

To do so it's not necessary to expend a lot or money or many hours everyday; instead, making fun of certain situations, or small games such as riddles during our trip to school might be enough. The aim is to share relaxing time with the kids; no matter how, thus playing football on Sunday afternoon, challenging your kids to a race on the beach or simply watch how a group of ants works together, will build up important memories while making the bound with your kids stronger.

Education and discipline are important and the aim is not to discourage such responsibility, however there must be time to responsibilities free time, and playing games opens a big window to do so.

Take time to figure which games your kids love and take a part on them! They will be very glad to share their knowledge, emotions and time with you, while being able to know the "funny side" of mom and dad.

Playing games will also allow the development of outdoor activities while emphasizing a healthy lifestyle, thus you won't be educating your kids on the strict sense of the word, but modeling their behaviour towards good life habits, and the best part, they won't notice it as teaching but as fun!

Next time, when you're planning the weekly schedule, save time to play funny games with your kids; that will be a decision you'll never regret of! After all, time flies and you won't have the chance to play with your kids once they grow up and leave the nest. So enjoy with them now they're available! That will be a great deal for them and for you.

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