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09 Dec '17

Setting up your baby's craddle

Posted by Sandra Sosa

When the first child is about to born, most of parents dedicate a lot of time to set up properly everything to receive the baby; from the diapers to the bedroom; we wish all perfect to receive the new baby; including the cradle.

But, What does exactly need a baby on the cradle to be happy?

On advertisement pictures we see beautiful cradles full of pillows, blankets and toys with a very happy baby inside it; but even when it looks great, the real fact is that a baby, especially a newborn, does not need so many things; in fact, regarding the cradle, less is more.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the plainest, the best; especially regarding the Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) prevention, on this regard several investigations have detected that babies sleeping on cradles full of pillows,How to set your newborn baby's cradle blankets and so on, have twice the risk to suffer sudden infant death.

So, in order to provide your kid the best he/she needs on the cradle, be sure to follow the following guidelines:

1. Firm mattress
It's better a firm mattress than a soft one, no matter if tiny; a firm mattress reduces SIDS risk.

2. Avoid Pillows
Small babies don't need a pillow, in fact, it's not comfortable for them to use one; so let your newborn baby to sleep on the back without any pillow under the head.

3. No blankets
No matters how cold the weather is outside; be sure to properly set inner house temperature and dress your little baby with proper, warm garment. This will diminish both, the risk of SIDS as well the suffocation.

4. Bumpers are not required
Let's be realistic; your baby won't be able to move towards the cradle walls until the 3rd or 4th month; so it's not possible to hit cradle solid structures until he/she grows a little bit; so avoid bumpers, at least during the first three months of life.

5. Toys outside the cradle
The cradle is not a playground, so be sure to properly differentiate the area to sleep from the one to play since the very beginning. That will help you later to set guidelines intended to deal with sleep patterns; additionally the presence of toys increases the SIDS risk. Later on life the baby will develop a preference for a "favorite toy"; and that could be his/her only partner in bed when it's time to sleep.

As you may see, your baby does not need too many things to be comfortable; thus focus on the basic, safe things, and let any other detail for the future; after all you have a whole chilhood ahead to share with your baby.

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