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10 Jun '18

Special preventive measures when you go with your kids to the beach

Posted by Sandra Sosa

The beach is one of kids' favorite destinations for weekends or summer vacations. They have plenty of activities and fun as well contact with natural environment; however even when there are many facilities, beaches may be a dangerous place, especially for small children, so take care of some details in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

1. Don't forget sunscreen

Sun burns are inconvenient and even dangerous, both short and long term, so avoiding them is mandatory to preserve your kids' health and assure fun, otherwise the whole family could end at the hospital because of sunburns.

The best choice is a 40 SPF or higher sunscreen, if possible waterproof, this way you assure maximum protection and minimize the sunburns chances, however it's necessary to remark that you need to apply sunscreens more than once, usually each 2 - 3 hours in order to offer your kids maximum protection.Sun protection at the beach

2. Avoid midday sun exposition

Sun between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm is more intense, especially on tropical and subtropical areas, so risks of sunburns as well risk to develop skin cancer later in life are increased after regular exposition to sun radiation during these hours; hence try to avoid sun exposition on this time frame.

3. Encourage your kids to wear shoes or sandal when walking on the sand

Certainly barefoot walking on the beach is a very pleasant activity, however on certain areas is better to wear shoes or sandals in order to avoid cuts due to sharp debris hidden in the sand.

On the other hand, sand may become very hot, especially near noon, so using proper footwear is necessary to avoid skin lesions due to hot sand.

4. Use lifesavers or life jackets on the water

Lifesavers and/or lifejackets are mandatory on certain water activities as well for children who don't know to swim, so be sure your kids wear one when required.

Drowning is a real risk in the beach, so do your best to avoid unnecessary risks.

5. Follow beach rules

Avoid dangerous zones, follow instructions and don't get into the water when red flags are shown. Personnel on the beach is aware of real risks on each area and all what they do is to protect people's safety.

So, follow instructions and encourage your kids to do the same, that way all your family will be safe and will enjoy a wonderful time on the beach.

6. Drink plenty of water

Dehydration is a real concern on a hot, sunny beach day, so be sure to have enough water for you and your kids and drink regularly.

Dehydration may lead to health problems and even dead, so be sure to avoid it at all cost.

7. Cover your kids' head with a hat

The head may be overexposed to sun radiation during a beach day, especially on little kids because of their body proportions, in addition small children have less hair than adults and the scalp is exposed to an intense sun radiation, then using a hat to protect it is a good idea.

8. Sunglasses to protect your kids eyes

Intense sun radiation may lead to eyes discomfort and headache, so be sure to protect your children's eyes with sunglasses.

Finally, don't forget to use the common sense; if it seems dangerous, it's better to avoid it, that way you and your family will stay safe and will enjoy fun on the beach.

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