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24 Mar '18

Talking to your baby while still on the womb

Posted by Sandra Sosa

One of the most loveliest thing parents do during pregnancy is talk to their baby while still into the womb. It's not unusual to see moms and dads talking to their babies, telling them stories about how excited they are awaiting the time when they finally will huge their little newborn.

This is definitely a wonderful experience and even when there's still debate among experts about the benefits for the baby arisen from these chats; you can take something for sure, there's nothing bad about it!

In fact, even when positive effects on the baby have not been demonstrated at all; talking to the baby inside the womb is a great way to strengthen the binding between mom and dad. Furthermore, the father is not longer an spectator and becomes active part on the the pregnancy.

Taking care of mom's belly and talking to the baby is a way to say men they are important on baby's care since the very beginning. Building such solid bindings and Talk to the baby in the wombinteractions will be very valuable later, once the baby arrives, to share tasks between mom and dad.

It has been demonstrated that strong couples are more prone to raise their kids without less problems, and that begins just on those minor gestures during pregnancy; otherwise baby's history will begin 9 months later for dad than for mom; so daddy's role would be not secondary but tertiary.

Regarding the baby; perhaps during the first trimester your words won't have a deep impact, but late, once the hearing structures are completely developed and the fetus acquires hearing skills, your chats while he/she is still in the womb will be very positive.

Perhaps your words still won't have any meaning, but your voice tone and particular voice characteristics will. On several researches it was demonstrated that babies react when mom and dad talk to them, but not when it's another person. 

According to such findings, babies are able to recognize their parent's voice and differentiate it from third persons, reacting accordingly. That's for sure will help to build strong parental bindings, even much before born.

On the other hand, benefits from early stimulation have been extensively demonstrated, and parent's voice is just a big stimulus! So your baby probably will have a better and faster development and postnatal outcome if receives early stimulation, including your chats first!

Regarding negative effects, nothing has been confirmed, so there are no risks associated to talking to your baby while still inside mom's belly; so you don't have nothing to loss but a lot to win, then let's talk to your baby.

Certainly it will be wonderful experience which will last far after your baby has born. An experience most of parents treasures as their most cute memories when awaiting the babies and something that will remember you forever that your life changed for better and since the very beginning when you decided to become a parent.


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