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07 Apr '18

Teach with the example

Posted by Sandra Sosa

If you are a parent you'll probably wish to teach your children proper behavior, ethics and moral; but doing so is a lot more complex than expected, especially when your kids are very young and still don't have the skills to handle such abstract concepts.

Thus you will be finding yourself once and once again the same phrases: "Don't do that because it's bad" or "It's better to be nice to the people" with almost no effect on your children's behavior.

Of course, if you are strong and persisten enough, at the end you will succeed, but it will take much longer than you think, and still there's a chance to fail, particularly if you offer double binds.

A double bind is a situation where two contradictory concepts come from the same source. In simple words, it's saying one thing but doing something Teaching with the examplecompletely opposite.

So, first thing to do to achieve success on your children's moral and ethics education is to be consistent, that means to do what you are saying; so your kids will see that you behave as you are supposed to, that means according to what you say.

On this regard it's very important to remark that your own behavior is the key factor when teaching kids proper ethic and moral actions; furthermore, perhaps you don't need to say a single word if you provide a good behavior model.

That means to teach with the example. So if you are convinced that violence is not a way to deal with problems, try to stay calm and avoid anger as well violent behaviors, that way your children will learn how to deal with everyday issues calmly.

You can also teach your kids the value of hard job involving them in everyday activities at home, even more, you might take them to share a day with you at your job. That way they will learn to value not only your effort but also the value of job.

But if you are a lazy people, lying on the couch all day long, it will be hard to teach your kids about hard job. Same occurs with lies.

You may insists as much as you wish telling your kids to avoid telling lies, but the first time the hear you saying anyone else on the cell phone "I'm almost there, please wait for me, it won't take longer than 5 minutes to arrive"; when you are still at home and miles away from your destination; all your efforts to avoid lies will vanish immediately. 

The above is more than truth regarding food and exercise. Several investigations have discovered that children from overweigthed, sedentary parents will have poor nutritional habits and will do less exercise than their counterparts born on families with healthy nutritional habits and prone to physical activity.

Furthermore, if you are overweighted and sedentary, your kids will probably will, even before reaching adulthood, so if you don't wish that your kid faces young obesity, re-think about your own behavior.

The list continues and gets longer and longer, so a good key to summarizes it, is to behave the way you expect your children do.

If your example is good, your kids will probably grow up behave as you wish, but if not, it's easy to anticipate what will occur.

So, it's time to analyze your own conduct in order to make the required changes to provide your kids with the best possible example. The time is now! Don't wait further.

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