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07 Jul '18

The best ingredients to give your kids healthy snacks

Posted by Sandra Sosa

When we talk about snacks, first thing in mind is junk, industrial, processed food; but even when that the vision we get on the supermarket walking through the "snacks line", there are certainly healthier, homemade, tasty options.

Obviously it's more convenient and easier to buy an bag of industrial snacks, open it and give it to your children, but is it the best choice?

Once or twice it won't be a problem, but doing it on a regular bias will give your kids an overload of salt or sugar (depending if the snack is salty or sweet), dyes and preservatives, so it's better to keep this type of snacks at the lowest possible level.

Instead preparing homemade, healthy snacks is your best choice. Of course you will have extra job at home, but the effort pays back with healthier, happier children.

Remember that children obesity is becoming an epidemy on some countries like U.S., and prevention begins at home; so let's see some great ingredients to prepare healthy, tasty snacks at home!Healthy snacks for your kids

1. Fruits

Fruits are always a great option, however to get your kids in love with fruits perhaps you need anything else that just peel and serve.

Fruits sculptures, fruits as part of a sweet pastry and even mixed with some nuts will make fruits funnier and even more tasty!

2. Sweet pastries

You can bake your own pastries at home! This way it's possible to control the quantity of sugar and keep it as low as possible; moreover, you may use honey as a healthier substitute!

Your kids will love those pastries and probably won't notice the difference if you use sugar or not.

3. Natural juices

Natural juices are better option than packed juices while the last option has a lot of sugar added, something you don't wish for your kids, neither for yourself. Instead use natural, homemade juices with less or none sugar added.

4. Nuts

Nuts, peanuts, macadamia nuts and all sorts of dried fruits are a healthy, tasty snack for children and adults anytime they need an easy boost of energy. Of course if there are not allergies!

5. Sandwiches

A sandwich is always a great snack, but why to stay attached to the old jam and cheese sandwich?

Try croque monsieur or subway style sandwiches; you may have for sure it will be a great success.

6. Eggs

Eggs are always plenty of energy and very taste but now consumed as a snack, but in breakfast, however it's possible to include them as a healthy snack; how?

Try some french toasts! It's a great way to mix integral bread and eggs. It's an easy to eat, easy to prepare and easy to transport snack that can be eaten alone or with different salty or sweet sides; in fact they make a great couple even with fruits!

7. Spring Rolls and other fried doughs

Spring rolls and other kind of fried edibles are a great choice time to time (remember that fried food must be kept as low as possible), especially because you may include within the fried dough all kind of fillings, including vegetables and fruits.

A great, tasty option is to include a mix of cheese and veggies as filling, your kids will enjoy the flavor, texture and colors combination, no matter how many vegetables you put inside.

As you may see, healthy snacks are at your reach, you only need to let your creativity fly and invest some time in the kitchen, but the effort worth it; furthermore, it will be a great chance to share time with your children while preparing snacks together! 

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