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11 Apr '17

The Importance of Playing

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Nowadays most of parents are very concerned to give their kids the best possible education, in fact modern parenting implies to make huge efforts to teach the little ones as much as they can learn; from different languages up to music and sports.

Families invest hundreds of dollars on their kids education and expectations as well pressure to achieve success are so high that there's no time for playing on kids' schedules because they are really busy, perhaps more than adults!

Of course there's nothing bad on giving your kids the best possible education and opportunities but everything must be set within the reasonable boundaries. If your kids have no time for playing they are missing quite an important part of their development.The importance of playing games

Childhood is a relatively short life stage and believe it or not, playing games is much more than fun; in fact is a repetitive behavior among mammals allowing them to model and practice what it will be an adult behavior; in addition playing increases physical activity, helps strengthness and improves social interaction, all of this on a funny and free of charge fashion!

Playing is the natural way used by kids to practice their skills, socialize, challenge their boundaries and practice most of behaviors they will use later in their lives, moreover, playing is a way to explore the world, learn and discover amazing, new things and experiences, especially when playing outdoors and even when it's very important to give as much as we can to our little ones, it's not fair to take them away an unique life chance: The opportunity to play!

Just think about this for a minute: When was it the last time you played a game? If you have little kids perhaps it was not too much time ago (at least it would be the best scenario) but it was certainly because of your kids but not you! Probably since the high school you have no played games anymore! Actually a lot of years!

Too many if compared with your early years when it was possible to play games as much as you wished! Thus, with such an small time frame to play and a long lasting chance for "not-to-play", why do we have to deny our kids that wonderful opportunity?

Certainly there's no reason for it, especially when considering all the benefits of playing, thus, next time when programming your kids agenda, please consider to leave enough time for playing games, it will be one of the most valuable treasures you can ever give to your kids, no matter how simple it could seem to you.

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