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28 May '17

The importance of sport

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Nowadays a sedentary lifestyle is a major public health concern not only on the adult population but also in children and if we don't wish our kids become part of such a dramatic problem associated not only to obesity but also to high blood pressure, diabetes and even behavioural and developmental issues, it's mandatory to do something and do it soon!

No matter how young your kids are, introducing them into an active lifestyle as early as possible is critical to involve them on healthy habits. This is not about to raise a sport super star but children passionate with physical activities and sports.

It has been demonstrated that children enrolled on sports activities early on their lives show not only a better physical development but also intellectual, behavioural and social outcome, in addition sports practices allow also to control feeding problems as well Involve your kids on sports practicing early on their livessleeping issues; furthermore, kids practicing any kind of sports are more prone to have better scholar outcomes.

Modern children spend less than 2 hours a day practicing sports or doing physical activities and even worse, kids younger than 10 years spend up to 90% of their time indoors, much of that time without other kids companion than their siblings.

Obviously the above mentioned must be a concern for any parent since it could be a real risk not only for children's physical health but also a negative issues for the psychological development.

Practicing sports is a great way to fight back so many negative things associated to a sedentary lifestyle; in fact, sports encourages social interactions, helps to deal with negative emotions, facilitates the development of healthy competition behaviours and it's a wonderful way to learn how to handle frustration.

No matters which one, your kids will benefit largely of sport practices, there's many academies specialized on different sports and training children of all ages, from 2 years old and on! Thus, don't wait any longer and talk to your kids about their personal preferences (if they have grew enough) and find a sport they'll love to practice; that will be one of your best decisions and, who knows? Perhaps you hit a home run and with time your little one becomes a sport star!

But if not, he/she will have a life long benefit not only derived of sport practice but also of an active lifestyle; in addition, practicing sports with your kids is a wonderful way to tight your ties and become closer to them, sharing a healthy, funny habit.


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