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09 Apr '17

The power of music

Posted by Sandra Sosa

If you look arround information regarding the power of music on kids development you'll find a lot of articles regarding to the perinatal period, much of it regarding the importance of music during prenatal life for brain development and even when there's still a big controversy regarding to this topic most of parents tend to expose their still no born babies to music expecting to give them an edge in the future; but ... what about the power of music on the early childhood?

Regardless how intense music exposition was during the in-utero period, many parents forget about exposing their little one to the music once they have born, it's like they expect to see a benefit only because of prenatal music exposition and the little kids are not exposed to music anymore until they grew up!

The fact is that music exposure is still important and even when a newborn baby or a toddler still don't have the required maturity to get involved on formal music learning, it'sEarly Music Education Benefits a confirmed fact that continued exposition to music during the first years of life will helps to create particular brain circuits which help your kids all their lives long!

Moreover, as early as the age of 1, kids may get involved on special music programs intended to render them familiar with everything related to music; of course they won't be able to read a pentagram yet, but may identify different rhythms, tempos, and music brightness. Later on their lives little kids will get involved with different instruments and a group of them will continue formal music courses.

Perhaps you may think that all that effort is valueless if your little one decides to quit music and that all your time and money has been wasted; nothing far from truth! No matters if your little kid loves music enough to become a musician, early involvement with music will help to create and develop critical brain circuits that will be useful later on life not only for music but for daily life!

It has been confirmed that early music instruction improves concentration and increases attention periods, in addition, kids who were involved with music early on their lives tend to be more creative and find solutions to quotidiane problems easier and with less stress. It's still no clear how it works, but certainly kids exposed to music early on their lives shows an edge compared with those who weren't.

Of course all parents would love to have a virtuous musician at home, but the point here is to give your kids the best of music for their daily lives, in addition if she/he becomes a brilliant musician, even better! But if not, your little ones will grow up healthier, smarter and the most important thing, happier because of their early exposition to to beauty of music.


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