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09 Dec '17

The ultimate challenge: Changing diapers out of home.

Posted by Sandra Sosa

To change diapers, especially poo diapers, is not an easy task; especially if your baby loves to play and move while you are fighting to orchestrate a complex set of movements intended to remove the used diapers while cleaning your baby's tail and simultaneously place a new diaper

It's almost an impossible combination of simultaneous processes that sooner or later you will master on; however one thing is to do it at home and something very different to perform the "art of change diapers" out of the comfort zone provided by your home environment.

But let's face it; you can't be home jailed until your little one is able to control sphincters; so time to time it will be necessary to change diapers outside; in the car, a public lavatory or even on a public garden seat; after all you never know where and when things will turn "dirty".Setting up your baby's diaper bag

To deal with this challenge, just be sure to count on your baby's diaper bag the following resources:

1. Enough diapers
Don't go out with just a couple diapers. Take as most as you carry on your baby's bag. On this regard, it's always prefered to have more diapers than necessary instead of running out of supplies!

2. A soft, waterproof blanket
That's a good option to protect your baby from potential contamination of the surface you need to use to change the diaper. At the same time it protects the surface from spills.

3. Wet Wipes
Don't hesitate to have a couple packs; since wet wipes will be very useful not only to clean your baby's tail, but anything you need, including your hands.

4. Hands Sanitizer
Perhaps you need to change a diaper in an area without running water, so be sure to count with hands sanitizer in order to clean your hands properly even when it's not possible to use soap and water.

5. A bunch of plastic bags
For what? To put dirty diapers. If you are going to throw them to trash, it will prevent bad odor, especially on public lavatories. On the other hand, if you don't have a place to properly dispose the dirty diaper (i.e. in the middle of a highway with no bathroom near you), the plastic bag will be a perfect, transitory container until you find a place for the diaper final disposal.

As you may see, it's never easy to deal with diapers change outside, but if you count with the essentials, it will be easier. 

Of course the above mentioned is only the essential, and you always may include complimentary stuff such as rash creams, soap, a bottle of water and so on; however, NEVER remember the essentials!

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