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21 Jul '17

Things to know when traveling abroad with your kids

Posted by Sandra Sosa
Travelling is always exciting but also stressful, especially if your trip includes little kids; there's so many things to keep in mind and time seems not enough to set everything fine.

It seems there's always something missing and the worst part is that feeling of "what can I do if I forget to pack xxxx?"

Well, certainly you need to set up everything fine but remember, it's just a travel and you will be back soon, thus don't overload your agenda neither your luggage with unnecessary things, just focus on the essentials, afterwards it will possible to find almost everything you have at home on your holiday destination!

Nevertheless there's some essentials you must never forget, below a checklist of things you can't forget, everything else is expendable!

1. Documents

Children traveling regulations tend to be very strict almost worldwide, thus be sure to have all your documents as well your children's ones up to date, with all required visas, permissions and so on.

Remember to have not only original docs but also a couple of copies, just in case.

2. Your country embassy contact information on your destination

You never know what could happen and sometimes the best way to pass through is with a little help, and abroad the best place to find it is your country embassy or consulate; then be sure to know how to contact them in case of an emergency.
Traveling abroad with kids

3. Vaccination Certificates

That's important for all travelers but especially for children. Many countries won't allow access foreigner travelers unless they comply with mandatory vaccines. Traveling to tropical regions could require special vaccines not routinely administered on your country of origin, such as yellow fever, on such cases find advice from a travel counselor in order to comply with all required immunizations on your destination.

4. Your children's medicines

Yes, there are pharmacies all over the world but buying medicines is not always easy. A doctor's indication could be requested or the brand name on your destination is different from your homeland; on the other hand not all pharmaceutical forms could be available or linguistic differences could make hard to read the prospect.

With all the above in mind, the best decision is to travel with your family medicines, especially when chronic treatments are required; additionally remember to include first aid medicines on your luggage such as painkillers, antipyretics, antihistamines, a couple of bandages and any other medicine you routinely use at home.

5. A stroller

Yes, it may be heavy and hard to carry on, but a stroller is mandatory when traveling with small children. It will be a good place for them to rest once on immigration lines or during excursions, additionally they will be protected from rain, sun and high temperatures.

Even when strollers are an extra luggage piece, many airlines don't charge for them, thus it won't be an extra charge!

6. One or two toys

Be sure to have something for your kids to play but avoiding their favorite toys due to losing risk during the trip. The best toy for your offsprings will depend of their age and individual preferences, but always try to keep toys size within the small-medium sized group.

7. Some candies

It seems weird, but even when there will be food on your destination, traveling with some local candies will be very helpful on long trips or when your kids are stressed because adaptation to a totally new environment. Despite of being temporal, there's a need for adaptation once on your destination, and candies will help you with it!

Of course there will be candies abroad too but it will be something new (and also stressful) for your kids, then if you offer your little ones something they already know when stressed, will help to reduce anxiety leading to a more successful adaptation process.

As you can see there's not much to pack; clothes, diapers and even milk bottles are found abroad; thus you must be concerned only because of the essentials, after all everything else will be found wherever you go!

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