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09 Jun '18

Tips for healthy snacks for your little kids

Posted by Sandra Sosa

On modern times, all of us are running out of time because it's necessary to share the time between multiples activities. Beginning with work, passing through householding and ending on children care, there's almost no time to comply with all our duties.

That's the reason behind the temptation to buy snacks for our kids; after all it's a simple, tasty way to give them some calories only opening a package, but... Are they healthy?

Most of industrial manufactured snacks are certainly tasty, but flavour and texture is not enough, do you know the nutritional value of such snacks? Practically all of them are a high calories bomb, plenty of sugar, but with almost none nutritional value.

Certainly on a case of emergency it's a great option as well when you wish to give your children "something different" but it shouldn't be a normal practice to feedHealthy snacks for kids them using industrial snacks on a regular basis.

Instead, choosing more natural, healthier snacks should be prefered, even when it implies more work at home.

The main question is how to compete with colorful, flavored, sweet industrial snack without compromising snacks nutritional value?... and the answer is patience and creativity.

If your kids are used to eat industrial snacks regularly, it will be a little harder because it will be necessary to give them a time to accept a new snacks style, meanwhile it will be a little hard because for human beings is hard to leave appart old habits.

At the end it will be hard but no impossible, and to win your battle it will be necessary a lot of creativity.

If your children are not accustomed to industrial snacks, the task is a little bit easier but you still need to be creative.

Keep in mind the following tips and you will succeed including healthy snacks on your kids daily routines:

- Color is all. A mix of colorful ingredients is the key to succeed. Think as a child and mix different, vibrant colors on each snack, after all, that's one of industrial snacks success secrets.

- Add a little bit of sugar, but not too much. Sugar will enhance natural flavors, so it's an ally; use it wisely but limited.

- Shapes are fun. When a snack have always the same shape, eating becomes boring, but if you have a different shape on each bite, things change dramatically. So make your kids' food attractive and funny including different shapes.

- Avoid repetitiviness. Pay attention to your kids behaviour, especially if they are used to go the store with you, do they ask always to buy the same things? Probably not, perhaps one day they ask for icecreams while some other prefer cookies! So do the same at home, be prepared to offer different snacks options each day, that way your kids won't get bored of eating the same thing each single days.

- Involve your kids on their own snacks cooking. That's a winning strategy, after all there's nothing better than eat something you cooked by yourself. This way your kids will learn not only to cook but also about different ingredients and how they can be transformed while cooking. It's a sort of exciting magic that will engage them shortly; additionally it's an opportunity to share quality time with you.

Last but not least ...

- Teach them with the example. You can't ask your kids to have a healthy diet while having a snack box on the car for yourself, so it's time to change your own unhealthy habits; after all your feeding pattern is one of the best heritages your children may receive.

Be sure that following the above mentioned tips you will succeed on your challenge to introduce your kids on a healthy diet; for further information about ingredients and ideas, keep reading our next posts.

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