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17 Feb '18

Tips to stimulate your baby's talking

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Once your baby has born time passes very fast, but you still wish some things occurs even faster; such as the first word.

Even when that will occur sooner or later, many parents are very anxious see their baby saying that first word and do whatever they can to accelerate the process.

On this regard it's important to say that forcing your baby to move faster than what nature says could not be healthy, so it's better to wait until he/she is mature enough to say a first world.

Nevertheless you always can stimulate your baby's talking, not to accelerate that first word, but to teach your baby about communication, language and so on, How to stimulate your baby's talkingmuch before that very first word.

The aim is to start creating brain circuits that later will be useful for language development; additionally you will be modeling his/her behaviour; after all if you are someone who does not speak too much; probably your offspring won't be too much talkative.

So, be patience and enjoy every step of your baby's cognitive development; meanwhile take time to stimulate your little one's brain through the following tips; that will be something you will never regret of.

1. Talk to your baby a lot

While in the car, or doing home labours, try to talk to your baby constantly. This way the baby gets used to your voice and communication patterns.

2. Sing a song each time you can

That's a strong stimulus for your baby's brain, and also a very pleasant one. Through songs and music you will be building not only language, but also rhythm and even mood. 

In addition, this is a great way to acquire vocabulary later, almost effortless.

3. Read stories

Nothing better to improve verbal skills. At the very beginning your baby won't be aware about the words meaning, but will be able to identify mood changes from your voices changes during the reading. 

Later he/she will learn new words from stories, while a joy from lecture is built up, something that will last forever.

It's not necessary to read a long story; a short one or two daily will be enough; it will be an important source of stimulation but also a great source of lovely memories.

Finally, don't force your baby to speak soon and don't see aside that other babies are already talking while yours not; sooner or later at a moment between the 9th and 15th month she/he will say the so waited first word.

However if you still are concerned about any problem on speech development, it's not a bad idea to seek professional advice, just in case, even when on most of cases, there's nothing bad with their babies beyond than parent's anxiety.

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