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22 Oct '17

To become parent, a life change ... for better!

Posted by Sandra Sosa

When you become parent; one of the most usual comments from friends and relatives is "your life will change forever". No matter the country, age, political or religious position, this is almost an universal comment which frighten new parents.

Such scary comes from the fact of interpretation. When you are told about a change on your life, almost everyone is telling that you won't sleep as much as you sleep before becoming parent; that your bills will increase dramatically and certain expenses will not be possible; at least for a while. At the same time, that comment is interpreted as the lack of time to expend time with your friends and do things you like to do as parties.

Even when the all the above is true, that's just one side of the coin; in fact the dark side, furthermore, the list of negative changes could be even longer and then, even scarier, but the aim is not to increase frighten, but to show the other side; the bright side of the coin.

To become a parent certainly changes a person's life, but it not just to stop partying, or avoid some expenses; in fact, those are just minor changes than won't last forever and eventually, you will resume your old habits if you wish; instead the real change is deeper inside you and is about maturity.

Becoming a parent is to stop thinking about "me" and start to planify about "us". In fact no matter how old our kids are; when we are parents we think about Become parent, a life change for betternot only about our own well being, but our daughters and sons' too. That's a long lasting change which lasts forever, and support all other positive changes on your life; those nobody talks about, but which make us best people when becoming a parent.

When you have child you must teach everything to your little one, from how to sleep, eat and make pis, up to become an honest, fair person, and all that teaching will not be done just with words, but with example; thus you'll probably avoid behaviours which could give your offspring a bad example; and that's a positive thing.

In fact, there are many cases of drugs addicts or alcoholics who changed their life patterns and become clear and sober once they received the notice of an incoming new baby. 

But the changes must not be as dramatic, in fact there are subtle things of your everyday living that will better once you become parent. From the proper sitting position, up to a good diet; you will probably change a lot of things on you life almost unconsciously and naturally; just to give your kids a good example.

Once your baby grows and becomes a little child who knows the difference between true and lie; good things and bad things; your behaviour will change for better; in fact you won't cross a red light again, at least if your kids are in the car with you; and you'll think twice before saying a lie to someone at the phone in front of your kids.

Summarizing, when you become a parent, your behaviour turns towards what you wish to teach your children; thus you become more honest, compassionate, loving and patient and so on.

At the end of the day, parties and single couple (or individual) behaviours won't be important, but the long lasting effect of becoming a parent will not only last forever, but will make you a better person until the end of your life; so enjoy the journey and don't be afraid of changes because the vast majority will be for best!

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