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12 Mar '17

Wet Nights, When do I have to concern about it?

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Having a baby, especially when parenting for first time is a real challenge since everything is new for us, in fact not only new but also demanding because it's necessary to learn quickly and keep the own feelings and fears aside.

From the very first day there's plenty of doubts about what's normal and what not and things get worse when we hear about other babies' outcomes and see significant difference respect our ones but ... When must it be a real concern?

The fact is that every single baby has her/his own developmental rhythm and some of them achieve certain development keystones faster than others but that doesn't mean anything bad.

Regarding wet nights, parents tend to be real concerned when this occurs, especially if same age related children (cousins, friends, etc) don't get wet their beds by night. On this regard it's important to keep fears aside and be totally aware of what's considered normal from the medical point of view, otherwise we could be getting drown on a glass ofWhen to concern about wet nights? water.

The most important first: "There's no rush to leave the diapers aside". Each baby has her/his own speed, thus Don't look aside! Perhaps you could feel your kid is a little delayed but there's a wide time frame to forget about wet nights.

Overall an average baby doesn't need diapers during the day around three years old but in some cases this period could get extended up to 4 years, however during the night things are a little different and even when most of children will leave night diapers around the 4th year, wet nights are considered normal up to the 6th year, afterwards medical advise might be necessary to treat a clinical condition known as "enuresis".

Having said that, it's not necessary to worry about if time to time your little one wakes up wet but what about what lay people often refers to as "jumps back"; that means, a kid who doesn't need night diapers anymore and suddenly gets wet by night again.

Well, that's normal too! In fact there's several situations leading to that! Stressful events, hyperstimulation, environmental changes (new house, new school, beginning new routines, even a new room decoration) may trigger a temporary "jump back" leading to wet nights again for a while.

Usually the situation does not last long and night pee goes away as sudden and fast as it arrives; thus there's nothing to concern about unless a persistent situation what's called "secondary enuresis", meaning that a kid who has already achieved night sphincteric control "goes back" and need diapers again.

Secondary enuresis is a well known clinical entity and aside the aforementioned factors conditioning temporary wet nights, there are several other medical conditions that could lead to this problem, from urinary tract infections up to more complex, developmental issues. Regardless the cause, keep calm and find medical advise, fortunately almost all these problems have a solution.

At the end of the day if your little one goes according to average development charts, don't get too concerned about this little stones on her/his way because at the end everything will be resolved and, believe it or not, you'll miss those days when changing wet diapers was part of your daily - and nightly- routine.

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