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19 Jul '18

What can I do if my newborn baby doesn't sleep?

Posted by Sandra Sosa

That's the main concern of most of parents, what can I do if my newborn baby doesn't sleep?, How can I help the baby to sleep?, How long will it take to return to my normal sleep pattern?

Certainly that's a lot of stress, especially considering that answers to those questions are as varied as the number of newborns on Earth!

Each baby has its own sleep pattern and evolves on a different timing respect to its peers, so one parent's experience with his/her baby doesn't necessary apply to another family; furthermore, a family's experience with the first baby won't be necessary the same with the second or third one.

The keyword here is patience. Probably you will feel the lack of sleep as an endless situation, and even when things will take several months to come back to normal, it will happen for sure; so keep calm and don't desperate.

During the first year of life, most of babies sleep around 2 or 3 hours and get awake to eat and play for 1 or 2 hours; afterwards the cycle starts again day after day; for weeks and months.What can I do if my baby doesn't sleep at night?

That's normal on small babies, and even when it's hard to become adapted to such routine, it's necessary to do it, since it's the best for the baby.

While they grow up, sleeping hours tend to increase and between the 12 and 18 months the sleep pattern becomes like adult's

There's no magic formula to change this fact. No matter if you use a special pillow, a "night cream" to massage for baby or a special mix of milk; the natural sleep cycle of the baby won't change; so instead of wasting your energy trying to change something you can't; it's better to find the best way to deal with the situation while it lasts.

Try to use some of the following tips:

1- Make rounds with your partner or another family member.

This way you will be able to sleep at least 6 hours each night. To achieve it, you may split the night in two halves. From 8 pm to 1 am you take care of the baby; and from 1 am to 7 am your partner (or any other family member) will wake up when the baby wakes up.

2- Sleep as much as you can when the baby does it.

Don't try to steal time to the day while your baby sleeps. Instead of engage works, or home duties, take naps while the baby sleeps; this way you will save energy for those long nights.

3-. Don't force your baby to sleep

Trying to force thing will stress the baby making even harder your nights; so be patient, keep the environment as calm as possible, talk quietly and try to avoid stimulate your baby when he/she is awake at night. This way he/she should get asleep easier and faster.

4- Take long naps during the day

If you can, sleep during the day, but not half an hour; a real, long nap! Of course that's possible if you have help from your family members, otherwise it's impossible since you need to take care of the baby.

However, there are always people willing to help you, especially during the first months, so, don't be ashamed of asking for help. You need it and if you have it, things will be a lot easier for both, you and the baby.

Finally, remember that the lack of sleep and endless tiredness won't last forever; in a matter of few months, it will be only a sweet memory of your baby's first months and, believe it or not, someday you'll miss all those nights awake holding your baby.

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