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21 May '17

What does really a Newborn Baby need?

Posted by Sandra Sosa

When you are expecting a new baby and organizing the baby shower or your shopping list, it seems the number of things you need to buy before the baby arrives is endless, but have you ever wondered about how many of such items do you or your baby really need?

If you are pregnant of your first offspring perhaps your baby's list making behavior is based more on marketing than reality, something that experienced parents know and make them to avoid certain buying patterns but, the question remains unanswered, what do you need for real to receive your baby?

Well, perhaps the answer will surprise you but if you have a car, first thing you need to buy is a baby car seat. A rear facing one suitable from newborns up to 2 years, otherwise you won't be allowed to take your baby out of the hospital, or at least not on your own car!

Surprised? Well, that's the kind of information you won't find on parenting magazines, but for sure you need more than a car seat to receive your baby, but no so many as you may imagine.

If you are planning to breastfeed, don't waste time and money on bottles, in fact, you Newborn Shopping Checklistwon't need to buy one until your baby is 6 months old, moreover, newborn bottles have a different design from those intended for older children, hence you may buy your baby's bottles later if you are planning to follow WHO guidelines and breastfeed your baby exclusively the first 6 months of life.

But if your plan is to use formula or your own milk previously extracted because you need to go back to job soon, then it's mandatory not only to have a couple of good bottles but also a breast pump to help with the milk obtention.

Regarding clothes the most frequent mistake is to buy a ton of newborn clothing pieces, so much clothes that your baby won't have enough time to use it! It's a well known fact that newborn clothes remains almost new when children grow up because they get big very fast and there's not enough time to use it longer, thus try to avoid excessive newborn clothes shopping. Almost a few changes will be enough since your baby will change clothes size sooner than you imagine.

On the other hand, your baby won't need shoes until he/she start walking, that's around the 8th month, thus you don't need to buy shoes or at least not a dozen pairs; just a couple and more because of fancy than of a need.

Toys are another thing you don't really need, at least not during the first 6 weeks of life because during this period your newborn baby isn't mature enough to play with toys; in fact he/she will suck toys instead of playing regardless their shape, color or features; so, even when you need them later, at the very first time, toys must not be your priority.

Another major concern is about the baby's cradle. Some parents find a luxury cradle the perfect options while others think about a convertible, portable one as a better choice; even more, a group of people don't buy a cradle at all since they share their own bed with the baby. On this regard, the best choice for your new baby is that which works for your parenting style, but remember, don't focus on luxury or accessories but safety. When buying a cradle you must examine it carefully in order to evaluate resistance, structural integrity and absence of gaps where your baby could get trapped when start moving, in addition try to buy something your baby could use at least until the 2nd year, otherwise you will surprise yourself with a 20 pounds baby still sleeping on a very small crib.

Still regarding the crib, baby bumpers are not mandatory until your baby begins to move around, in fact, at least until the 10th week of life, your baby will remain on the same place you leave him/her a couple of hours before, thus placing your little one at the mattress centre will be enough to avoid injuries; however later, when your baby becomes more active and can move around on her/his own, you certainly will need those baby bumpers.

As you may see, not everything you think you'll need is mandatory for real while many others things will be required later on your baby's life, thus don't get into a rush, there's plenty of time to figure out what you really need and if you don't have it, there's always time to make a trip with your little jewel to the local store to buy it.

However there's something your baby will need for sure and you must be prepared to give is, a ton of love and even more, love, love love. It couldn't be easier, or not?

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