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18 Aug '18

When does a baby really need shoes?

Posted by Sandra Sosa

On baby's shops there are many, many models of cute shoes for babies. All kind of types for baby girls and baby boys of all ages, but, when does really a baby need to use shoes?

Certainly all those shoes look great on your baby's feet, but most of them are very expensive and your baby will wear them for a very short of time because below 1 year of age babies grow too fast, so a pair of shoes won't fit good too long, so is it really necessary to expend a huge amount of money on your baby's shoes? 

The answer is NO! In fact a baby does not need to wear shoes until the age when it's time to learn to walk, and that's between 18 and 24 months; before such age shoes are not mandatory and a cute, nice sock will keep your baby's feet warm and safe even better than a shoe, and at a lower cost!

The, why are there on the market so many shoes for babies below 1 year old? Well, the answer is money. Baby's apparels and garments are a growing business representing an important income for both manufacturers and suppliers, so it's notBaby's shoes a surprise a market flooded with all kind of baby's apparels, many of them important and useful but with a growing number of useless or unnecessary items.

The key point here is that parents wish as most of possible for their babies and ever the best possible items, so they easily fall against advertisement pictures, videos of small babies' wearing shoes and all kind of publicitary stuff.

But the fact is that their babies don't need so many things, especially shoes when they are too small to walk; moreover, some models could be harmful for them, so on this regard, the simplest is the better.

Prefer nice, warm socks, or even feet cover bodysuits which are more convenient, cheaper and polivalent than a pair of shoes until your baby reaches the age when it's time to walk; them find advise of your pediatrician in order to find the best shoes for your baby, especially because during her/his first steps a baby need a well supported, cushioned, comfortable and durable pair of shoes which allow him/her to learn to walk without causing any harm.

So, if you are a expecting mom or you have a newborn or small baby, don't get concerned about shoes shopping right now, there's still a long time ahead to think about this.

Ultimately, perhaps you wish to have a pair or two of shoes, but remember that at this age that's a matter of fashion more than a need.

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