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05 Aug '17

Your baby's daily bath

Posted by Sandra Sosa
All parents, especially newbies are very concerned about their little ones well being, and make great efforts to establish healthy daily routines, from feeding to sleep, including a daily visit to the bathtub but ... Have you wondered if your baby requires a bath so often.

The truth is that babies below 6 months rarely need a daily bath, their sweat glands are not totally mature and functional and they don't produce as much sweat as a big baby or adults, additionally the spend most of the time eating and sleeping which makes no much room to get dirt, however parents include a daily bath on daily routines. Does that make sense?

Yes! because for your baby the bath is not only about cleaning and hygiene but contact. Of course they need a good sanitation of their bodies but the main goal of daily bath is something completely different, after all, a bath three times a week would be enough for proper hygiene.

But daily bath allows close contact with mom and dad, it's a time to discover the own body and experience a lot of new sensations. The warm water, the soap foam and all that petting from mommy's hand while shaking shampoo on the head, are part of a wonderful life experience and contributes not only to discover new
Baby's daily bath
sensations but also to build strong binds with parents and/or caregivers.

On the other hand a daily bath has a soothing and relaxing effect on little babies behavior and that's the reason because many pediatricians recommend the bath late afternoon or early night since it will help babies to sleep.

Furthermore, including the bath as a part of sleep routines is a wonderful strategy because your little one will be calm, relaxed and fresh before going to bed and then more prone to get asleep.

Perhaps your baby is not so dirty to justify a daily bath, but certainly you must try to include it on his/her daily routines. It will be a time to enjoy your cutie pie, strength binds and have a wonderful time with your little treasure every single day and later, once bigger and requiring a daily bath because a matter of hygiene, the routine will be well established and you will not have any problems to bath your kid.

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