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18 Aug '18

Protect your baby against mosquitoes

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Even worse, most of mosquitoes borne diseases are not vaccine preventable, so being bitten by a mosquito on an endemic area implies a high risk of getting sick and even die because viruses or parasites transmitted by such bite.Baby mosquitoes net

So, in case you live on a mosquitoes endemic area or you are planning to travel to tropical or subtropical places with your babies and children, take care to avoid mosquitoes bites as much as possible.

To achieve such goal, follow the next tips which help you to prevent mosquitoes bites, avoiding not only uncomfortable itching and pain, but also preventing serious and potentially lethal illnesses. 

1. Cover as much skin as possible

Even when sometimes mosquitoes are able to bite through the fabrics, cover with clothes as muchs skin as possible diminishes the chances of being bitten, so limit exposed skin areas to minimize biting chances.

18 Aug '18

When does a baby really need shoes?

Posted by Sandra Sosa

The, why are there on the market so many shoes for babies below 1 year old? Well, the answer is money. Baby's apparels and garments are a growing business representing an important income for both manufacturers and suppliers, so it's notBaby's shoes a surprise a market flooded with all kind of baby's apparels, many of them important and useful but with a growing number of useless or unnecessary items.

The key point here is that parents wish as most of possible for their babies and ever the best possible items, so they easily fall against advertisement pictures, videos of small babies' wearing shoes and all kind of publicitary stuff.

But the fact is that their babies don't need so many things, especially shoes when they are too small to walk; moreover, some models could be harmful for them, so on this regard, the simplest is the better.

12 Aug '18

Importance of a car seat

Posted by Sandra Sosa

On this regard, every baby car seat must have lateral support, cushioned head support and attaching devices designed to fix the chair frontwards or backwardsBaby car seat depending of the baby's age.

Remember that the baby car seat must be placed always on the back seat of the car and have been attached with provided straps according to manufacturer's instructions. Failing on doing so may lead to fatal injuries in case of an accident because without proper fixation, the car seat remains useless.

Another important detail to keep in mind is the seat maximum carrying weight. There are car seats that can be used up to 10 pounds while there are some others able to deal up to 50 pounds. Be sure about the maximum allowed weight of your baby's car seat and use it until your baby achieves such weight, no further.

If you have more than one car, the most convenient is to have a chair for each one but if it's not possible, take your time to move the baby's car seat from one car to the other each time you need. Be sure to properly fix everything and check twice that everything is OK, remember that in case of an accident the car seat will make the difference between life or death.

29 Jul '18

When does a child need an eye exam?

Posted by Sandra Sosa

It's also important to verify if the baby looks towards an auditory stimulus as well attention towards a colorful, interesting object.Baby's eyes exam

During this exam is hard to know if the baby will need to use glasses, but this is not important yet. At this moment (babies beyond two years of life), the most important thing is to verify normal eyes development as well visual perception.

On the other hand the development of certain eyes tumors (i.e. retinoblastoma) which are commonly seen during childhood, must be ruled out.

20 Jul '18

How much TV is enough?

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Then, how much TV is too much for your children?

That's a tough question and unfortunately there are as many answers as families with children, however stats show that most of modern children spend most ofToo much TV for your kids their time inside, with the TV or computing games.

Even when that's not a problem itself, when such activities, especially TV interfere with normal behavior or force children to leave appart other activities, there's a real concern about the negative impact on our children.

Of course there's not a standardized way to measure this, but the following tips will help you to know if your kids' TV hours are going beyond the healthy limits.