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19 Jul '18

What can I do if my newborn baby doesn't sleep?

Posted by Sandra Sosa

During the first year of life, most of babies sleep around 2 or 3 hours and get awake to eat and play for 1 or 2 hours; afterwards the cycle starts again day after day; for weeks and months.What can I do if my baby doesn't sleep at night?

That's normal on small babies, and even when it's hard to become adapted to such routine, it's necessary to do it, since it's the best for the baby.

While they grow up, sleeping hours tend to increase and between the 12 and 18 months the sleep pattern becomes like adult's

There's no magic formula to change this fact. No matter if you use a special pillow, a "night cream" to massage for baby or a special mix of milk; the natural sleep cycle of the baby won't change; so instead of wasting your energy trying to change something you can't; it's better to find the best way to deal with the situation while it lasts.

07 Jul '18

The best ingredients to give your kids healthy snacks

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Instead preparing homemade, healthy snacks is your best choice. Of course you will have extra job at home, but the effort pays back with healthier, happier children.

Remember that children obesity is becoming an epidemy on some countries like U.S., and prevention begins at home; so let's see some great ingredients to prepare healthy, tasty snacks at home!Healthy snacks for your kids

1. Fruits

Fruits are always a great option, however to get your kids in love with fruits perhaps you need anything else that just peel and serve.

Fruits sculptures, fruits as part of a sweet pastry and even mixed with some nuts will make fruits funnier and even more tasty!

2. Sweet pastries

You can bake your own pastries at home! This way it's possible to control the quantity of sugar and keep it as low as possible; moreover, you may use honey as a healthier substitute!

Your kids will love those pastries and probably won't notice the difference if you use sugar or not.

07 Jul '18

How to stimulate your baby while still inside the womb

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Perhaps it's still too early for the baby to understand what you are saying, but he/she will get familiar with your voice, your tone and even with your feelings according to your tone. Don't hesitate to talk your baby all the time; you don't need microphones, earphones or special gadgets, just you, your voice and the baby.Learn to stimulate your baby while still in the womb

If daddy and siblings wish to talk the baby, it's possible too! They only need to speak calm and with a normal voice tone near the womb; that's enough to let the baby know they are there.

2. Listen music

Same as your voice, the baby is able to listen outside sounds, especially music. It don't need to be loud music, just the music you usually listen to, with a normal volume.

Some people put earphones on the mother's belly but that's not really necessary; it's enough to power your radio and enjoy your favorite music. It won't take you longer to realize how the baby reacts with such and stimuli and evenmore, which music he/she likes and which not.

07 Jul '18

Benefits of sports for kids

Posted by Sandra Sosa

In addition being outdoors facilitates exposition not only to physical stimuli but also different environment substances. The above is believed to diminish allergies because of a phenomenon known as "desensibilization".

2. Kids grow up with less fears

Fear is a consequence of the unknown and if you expend your life indoors,Benefits of sports for kids surrounded only of what you know, it will be easier to feel afraid of the unknown when you are out, after all you won't be familiar with lot of things.

Sports, especially outdoors sports facilitate kids exposition to many,different stimuli making them stronger and less fearful. In fact, kids practicing sport will have the chance to explore their boundaries in terms of strength and resistance, so they will know their own capabilities and limitations, leading to a confidence surge.

3. It's an easy way to learn discipline

Sports and discipline walk together, so if you practice sport, almost for sure you will be a disciplined person; furthermore, it's a great way to learn to follow rules, otherwise it's impossible to get engaged successfully on sports.

15 Jun '18

Clarifying doubts about sports and kids

Posted by Sandra Sosa

Let's begin with the age. Age to get involved into sports varies depending of the discipline, especially if your kid has potential to achieve professional or master level, however there are some general guidelines that might help.Encourage your kids to get involved on sports

Sports requiring elasticity and great coordination like gymnastics and synchronized swimming usually require an early beginning. On the other hand, disciplines requiring physical contact (i.e. martial arts, hockey, etc) or weights lifting (athletics, weightlifting) usually require to achieve a particular degree of physical development to start, otherwise the risk of injuries is high.

Regarding team sports, most of them may be practiced early in life and after years of practice a very young individual, around 21 or 22 years old is able to become a master.