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Baby Learner Gift Basket

Baby Learner Gift Basket

$ 109.99

This large gift basket is loaded with quality educational baby toys and gifts. The lucky baby girl or boy will be stimulated from the get-go with these colorful and entertaining teaching toys. Included inside a large wicker reusable basket are:

Brainy Baby "Peek-a-Boo" DVD- nurtures such important skills as Object Permanence, Communication Skills, Cause-and-Effect, and Language Development. Catches and holds babies and toddlers' attention with eye-catching visuals, silly faces, rhymes and music, and lots of peek-a-boo games. 45 minutes. Ages: up to 3 years.

Brainy Baby "Shapes and Colors" 10.5" x 8" sturdy board book with tabs and recognizable shapes for easy page turning. Real life images mixed with animated characters. Illustrates common shapes and colors with everyday objects. For all ages.

Mirror Teether- Bright stimulating colors and crinkle fabrics, this mirror teether rattle will keep your baby happy. Features rattle and crinkle sounds along with several textured teethers. Mirror and activity rings. Easy off/on clip for attaching to strollers or car seat. You don't want to leave with out this one!

The Learning Shoe featuring tabs, laces, mirror, zipper and an over-sized button, this Melissa & Doug Learning Shoe promises to entertain and encourages your little one to play.

Animal-themed Smarty Kids Cards- 13 Colorful boards display the letters form A to Z with an animal image for each letter. Comes assembled on a ring for fun on the go. This will be a great start to teaching about animals, upper and lower case letters, and reading.

Baby Puzzles- 12" Wooden puzzle for very young children (12 months and up). This simple colorful puzzle with chunky pieces and jumbo knobs will encourage early matching skills and manual dexterity.

2 Soft Blocks- Foam-filled fabric cubes with colorful pictures of familiar objects. Designed to encourage hand/eye coordination and manipulative skills. Soft, safe, and washable. Age: from 6 months.

Stacking cups- Set of 6 child-safe colorful plastic cups in graduated sizes that can be taken apart and played with separately or stacked one on top of the other. Also great as bath toys for filling with water and pouring back out.

Printed pacifier with animal-themed picture for baby to enjoy while playing with all his/her wonderful toys!

The basket is caringly assembled, shrink-wrapped, and ready to be presented to its lucky gift recipient. The new parents will thank you for helping to keep baby entertained and happy.