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My First Teddy Bear and Diaper Caddy - Girl

My First Teddy Bear and Diaper Caddy - Girl

$ 99.00

This diaper caddy has everything you need to begin your journey with your new baby. Comes with diapers, wipes, scratch mitts, washcloths, a manicure kit and Johnsons and Johnsons baby products. It also comes with Baby's first Teddy and a 20 x20 satin-lined security blanket. The blanket can be personalized with baby's first initial or you can add Baby's first name. Comes wrapped in an Organza bag with coordinating ribbons.


  • Personalized Satin-lined Baby Blanket 20x20
    Baby First Teddy Bear
    Manicure Set
    Scratch Mitts
    Johnson's Baby Bath
    Johnson's Baby Powder
    Johnson's Baby Lotion
    Johnson's Baby Shampoo
    Desitin Diaper Cream
    Organza Bag